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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I’m baffled by what production actually did to vet these queens. I remember the Karen From Finance stories being in the Scottish press when she performed at the Edinburgh Fringe a few years ago. Even a quick Google of her name would have brought up those articles, surely?
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  2. Is this the least competitive top 4 ever? Scarlet has 3 wins and no one else even has two.
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  3. Uno


    Drag Race Holland had a girl with 4 wins and no bottom placements.

    The other girls in the Top 4 had 2, 1, and 0 wins respectively and lip-synced for their lives a total of 7 times between them.
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  4. Although four of those 7 lip syncs were Abby OMG ddd.

    Poor Abby she really had one of the worst runs of any finalist.
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  5. Maybe Australia should just do their own version of Drag Race without Ru but buying the format and elevate it? Like what they did to ANTM? With that being said, AusNTM was rather problematic looking back. Anyway, this version of the show is NOT IT and I don't want another season of problematic queens who bring nothing. I refuse to believe this is what Australian drag has to offer? I mean I do like The Beastie Girls and they're Aussie and rather talented and funny, don't think they've been exposed to be problematic either.
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  6. The issue is that they had a great cast but they ended up with the worst possible combination of finalists due to their pre-selected favourites being dull flops.
  7. Honestly a final 4 of:
    Art (sans the early elimination) or Kita
    would have been infinitely better.
  8. The last interesting queen was Maxi. I was rooting for Elektra for just trying to get on with it (she felt like the POV character, just trying to make it through a bizarre season) but she's evidently rough around the edges.

    But given we had Anita and Etcetera in the cast and the final lot are...that lot? Bad energy.
  9. I can't believe someone coasted to the finale just by having funny drag name.

    I really don't understand what they expected while filming this show. Have they never learned any lessons from the countless bad seasons of Drag Race they've produced before? This is truly the low point.
  10. Agree, I always liked Australian Top Model better than the US version. The production was glossier and the photo shoots were often far superior. It was problematic, but all Top Model shows were then.
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  11. My ideal top 4 would have been:

    Any 2 from: Elecktra/Maxi/Coco

    Of course none of them made it to the actual top 4.
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  12. This is surely Scarlet's to lose? She has easily the best track record and I don't see Rupaul being bothered by the backlash that it will cause.
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  13. I desperately want Art to win just for the chaos that will ensue.
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  14. Nothing about the finale excites me but I do think both Kita and Art would be serviceable winners. The format has been really tough around the edges but the eliminations took all the charm out early. The judging has also been a hot, hot, mess. I hope it gets another season if only so it gets a fair shot at redemption.
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  15. So we have a winner. Not these girlies on Twitter skipping to the end so they don't have to watch the whole shitshow jasbfsaj

    It's the correct decision
  16. Well that was an interesting ride. But based on the performances in the final, the best queen won.
  17. It was the only right choice.
  18. BTG



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  19. If that is true, it could explain why they brought her back cause she may have won one of those 3 extra lip-syncs after her original elimination... But also that sounds ridiculous and way too unreal.
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  20. Thank god Art didn’t win. What is it with these messy aussie queens.
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