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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I just skipped to the end of the episode and am glad that Kita won. But I bet there's no New Zealand queens next season.
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  2. Fixed.
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  3. OK I was cooking the entire episode but from what I was overhearing and occasionally looking at, it seemed like a serviceable last episode, given what the rest of the season's given us. DRNZ next time please!
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  4. It has been a season with numerous issues but that hasn’t stopped me enjoying aspects of it AND I am of the opinion that Kita is actually a worthy winner, not just a default one. I think she’s been pretty excellent throughout and I’m very very pleased it was her!

    she absolutely won the final lipsync of what we saw.
  5. Not them getting Physical in their finale gowns
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  6. The right queen won that’s the only thing they got right about this season other than the Pit Crew casting.

    I’m not a choreographer by any means but what was done didn’t fit the song at all? He had the best line of the entire season tho: “She’s dancing like a Karen now, she needs to dance more like a Caron!”

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  7. 2014

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    I cannot at how horrendous this season was. Anita had more of a winner's edit in her few episodes then Kita did the whole way through.
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  8. I really liked the final episode. The right queen won and I loved her lip sync.

    There are a lot of lessons to be learnt from season 1 that I hope they take on for season 2 because I think the big let down was not the queens but behind the scenes crew from editing to production to the judging.

    When we got to the jaffas lunch and the queens started talking about themselves I realised I knew so little about them. I wish we saw more of that earlier on.
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  9. Kita looked EXQUISITE.
    She really kept her best drag for the final runway.
  10. I was completely shocked, in a good way!

    After fast forwarding to the end
  11. BTG


    I would love to know what actually went down this season. I doubt we’ll ever find out but it was such a mess from start to finish.

    I don’t for a second think they were going to publicly air Scarlet’s problematic behaviour on TV and then crown her as a redemption story. It felt like the racism was something they stumbled upon along the way and had to address but would never seriously consider crowning her after it.

    Eliminating Art and bringing her back did feel like a deliberately planned ‘shocking’ moment and they were clearly happy enough to lose Anita as a shock exit, presumably thinking that Art and Karen would smash it? Then when they didn’t, the wheels fell off? I truly don’t know.
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  12. Scarlet shouldn’t have been considered for crowning for being told to write two short 8 bar verses and putting ‘perthonality’ in BOTH
  13. The highlight of the episode was Dame Olivia serving radiant energy and the real Australian national anthem getting chosen as the lip sync on its 40th anniversary.

  14. Anita won Miss Congeniality! (Scarlet wasn't even allowed to vote...)

    The right person won of the remaining queens.
  15. Worst final 4 ever?

  16. They obviously didn't expect Kita to get the fan base behind her in the way she did.

    The edit was pushing Art and Scarlett as a Top 2. With Karen as 3rd. But the (majority of ) fans didn't forgive Scarlett like the show did. And Art being brought back was so badly done it was viewed as unfair.

    I bet they are glad they filmed all of the Top 4 winning.

    I'm so pleased with the result though.
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  17. Looks like she's deleted it

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  18. Kita really deserves that crown, consistent throughout, stunning at the finale and the best in the final lip sync/ song verse.

    It’s not been the best season of drag race let’s be honest but I have enjoyed it. I love the Aussie sense of humour and i think Rhys was a great judge- hopefully they use him on the main show a bit now he is part of the family.
  19. Rhys, Alan and Graham are all infinitely better than Ross and Carson
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