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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. They really trapped themselves into a corner with that Top 4. The way I can barely remember anything Kita has done this season... a mess.

    Also, the lack of engagement this season has produced... usually Twitter/IG/Facebook are minefields with spoilers as soon as an episode airs, but there was just crickets for this and I went into the episode not knowing who won fff
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  2. Fjdjdjdjd Karen just speaking over the song without any attempt to match the beat or tempo I…..

    Art had the best verse tbh
  3. I knew who won without even having to look for it on social media.
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  4. Am I right in thinking most spoilers had Kita not even making the top 3? I'm pretty sure I saw a consensus top 3 of Art/Scarlet/Karen ages ago.
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  5. Maybe the rumours of Ru not being there are true, partly.

    Maybe they reshot it with just the Queens as a Top 4 rather than ditching two before the final lip sync.

    As usually we see Ru hand over the septor?

    Or is that because of Covid?
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  7. I didn't watch it because of the talk online about it being the worst Drag Race ever with the most racists queens ever to compete. Really, the tweets/comments I read were remorselessly negative.
  8. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    The Olivia video. “We’ve loved watching you.”

    Have you? Have you? In the editing suite 6 months ago were you?

    Just announce a special message, don’t pretend they’ve been watching it, don’t pretend it’s a live video and Ru is interacting with them, just show it FFS.
  9. Can all the cigs spam WOW page and ask Rhys to be the main ciggy on the judging panel for the US + UK please? It’ll make a great difference.
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  10. I'll be honest... I have zero interest in watching the remaining two episodes I haven't seen. Saving Scarlet despite racism really put a bad taste in my mouth. I'm glad Kita won- and I assume she only won because of the power of the Internet, because the show was definitely storylining for a Scarlet and Art top contenders.
    Hopefully this taught WoW a lesson in not excusing racism. and not sending home a front runner just for drama and then bringing them back just for shock. Because no one will want them to win in the end.

    All I got out of this season was being made aware of the existence of Anita and EtcEtc who are my two faves of the season. But this season really did a lot of queens dirty and it was just not a fun watch. They should've thrown the whole season away.
  11. Karen's verse for this and the girl group challenge were honestly atrocious. Like, laughably bad. I don't understand why she thought they were a good idea.

    Kita absolutely deserved to win this season based on that final 4 and I am glad she did.
  12. I do hope there is a season 2 but with Courtney Act as host, and with more of a local flair. The challenges were just carbon copies from the USA but with little semblance to what Aust/NZ drag queens actually do.

    Although it would be the ultimate shade to replace Ru and Michelle with Courtney Act, as they hate her.
  13. This is my main take on the season. I like so many of the queens but they just didn’t come to life on the show, and that is not their fault.

    Art Simone is well worth following on Twitter. Her latest revelation that has since been deleted is that they didn’t know if the prize money was in Aust dollars or NZ dollars until the last minute.
  14. Yeah I don't know, the producers of this season were VERY out of touch with what and who they though the viewer was going to like. Like very painfully out of touch. Just a mess.
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  15. I love Rhys, I’m so pleased Kita won and I love Physical

    see you next time girls maybe dd
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  16. Which way round did they decide?

    I said from the start that 30,000 NZD is much less in AUD.

    So I assume as it was filmed in New Zealand that it was going to be NZD either way.
  17. The unsolicited and unqualified psychoanalysis from Drs* Reupple and Vizaj was tiew much this episode. I was on my phone through most of it, and then as is often the way with the once-great verse challenges, most of them bleat through their section unintelligably. Grim that they had to crown the only 'nice' one (Art seems fine but their narrative was fucked) despite being completely unmemorable. Woof.
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  18. Yup I couldn’t deal with the entire Dr Phil section. GOD, it was the worst I’ve ever seen on the show.
  19. They should really save the write a verse for All Stars. Rather than doing it twice a season now.

    The regular finales should be making a Ru video like the first 8 Seasons.

    The best verses are usually from All Stars anyway.
  20. I agree, but, Ru wants that iTunes and Streaming money.
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