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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Don’t think it was answered. I’m guessing too because it’s Kita it’s NZ dollars.
  2. RuPaul’s Emotional Torture Race laid it on really thick in the finale.

    Do we know if multiple crownings were shot?
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  3. The finale was unwatchable I ended up cleaning my living room instead (normally I get annoyed when my boyfriend doesn’t pay attention and is on his phone ddd). The only good thing I will give them is that the vocal production on the finale song was good, I still have PTSD from RDRUK2 and their version of Little Bit of Love.
  4. Half of that episode could've been left behind. The psychobabble in the interviews, the "what would you say to young ____" part on the runway, the speeches at the end.
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  5. Imagine having to sit through four lipsyncs, four crownings and I'm A Winner Baby four times. Poor Michelle and Rhys.
  6. I don’t follow Karen from Finance outside of the show (and nor do I want to) but I’m confused by the concept of this “fully realised character” that the judges kept going on about.

    What was Karen from Finance supposed to be? Was she supposed to be a “Karen”? If so, we saw none of the stereotypical “Karen” traits in the character at all - no entitlement, wedge hairstyles, aggression or satirical bigotry (not that this would have worked in the context of this particular series). The character just came across as a sort of blandly inoffensive 9 to 5 throwback, exemplified in that ineptly performed verse in I’m a Winner Baby.

    I found it odd that this was never picked up on given how Michelle criticised Tayce in Drag Race UK s2 for not acting “like a Karen” just because her scripted character in Beastenders was called Karen Bitchell and despite the fact Tayce had no control over the characterisation in that challenge, unlike Karen from Finance who created this character.
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  7. I think Karen has been named Karen since before that moniker blew up as what you describe it as.
    The point of her character and name is that she is that 9 to 5 type 80's office pencil skirt - wearing office woman. I don't really think she takes that character into anything besides an occasional 9 to 5 style outfit though.
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  8. I wonder if Scarlet wasn't allowed to vote or they are really pressed about losing?

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  9. I’m sure they’d have filmed multiple endings. I genuinely think they were going to give Scarlet the win but pulled out when they saw that she’s still the least followed out of every queen that appeared this season and had the lowest engagement on social media to win. I feel like they probably assumed the GP would be a lot more forgiving since Ru gave her blessing but it didn’t work out that way.
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  10. The original spoilers had Kita as the first eliminated, they were as messy as the season.
  11. All I could think of was when they did it in UK and Tayce casually dropped into conversation that her dad used to be in Wham
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  12. Same and it derailed their thought process to turn it into some LESSON. Well there’s another lesson for that how about positive upbringing!? I can’t believe people still fall for this shit on TV.
  13. “I’m a well adjusted person from a loving home with parents that have been married for 30+ years and love and support me unconditionally”

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  14. So, I'm fairly new to watching this franchise, but have they always crowbarred in Ru's own songs?
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  15. Yes. It's actually happened more as the show's gone on.
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  16. Thank god this rotted and gutted season is over and I never have to see or hear from S*****t again.
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  17. Rhys should host the entire thing if this has a season two and get herself into quick drag. Anita will be in the judging panel as well. Imagine the kiis.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    What on Earth was Elektra thinking picking Karen????!
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  19. You know it was never compulsory to watch it.
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  20. The armchair psychology was UNBEARABLE this ep Jesus Christ. When they started telling Art she was gonna burn out if she didn't slow down. Or when Kita said "I'm desperate for love and I don't know where that comes from" and Michelle jumps in with "CAN I TELL YOU??" You don't know her, fuck off.

    The rest of the final was... fine I guess. Crowning Kita was probably the right choice but it's hard to think of a more underwhelming winner across the entire franchise.
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