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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. Sadly, it's all about framing - the mishandling of storylines, and assumptions of whom the public would embrace being incredibly off has thrown this whole season. I feel sorry for Kita being perceived as 'only a winner by default', and that people will think of her as being an underwhelming drag queen, when in reality, she's clearly really talented and worthy of the win.

    Had the show supported her arc as that of being a genuine threat, people would've been more excited about the result. Instead, in what was already a shorter season, she received a completely passive edit.
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  2. Does anyone else get major "What Is Love" by Haddaway vibes from "I'm A Winner Baby"?
  3. I've never gone into a final literally rooting for no-one, and not in a "I don't mind who wins" way, but in a "does one of them really have to win" way.

    I mean, I enjoyed the season as I will do with any drag race season, but MAN it was objectively awful.
  4. "One day you will find a man that will love you unconditionally...

    ...that man is you, Kita!"

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  5. Karen was the kindest to the kiwi queens. She helped Elektra with wigs and make up!

    Kita deserved to win. She had one of the best track records and did the best in the final episode.

    The only time I thought she did terrible was her awful Dr. Suess for Snatch Game, but she was safe that week. I guess lucky that many did worse.

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  6. This is lovely but my shady ass wants to see the videos of the others reacting to not winning.
  7. There was one of Art and one of either Karen or Scarlett online. But I didn't watch it as I hadn't seen the result yet.
  8. Me too, especially Scarlet.
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  9. There's no way in hell she thought she was going to win though, I'd bet.
  10. I mean, she wasn’t disqualified, so she could be thinking that her winning could be a “you can outgrow your past” moment against cancel culture.
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  11. But she didn't even vote for Miss Congeniality?
  12. I guess she was disqualified when WOW got wind of the backlash online? She was kept for the remaining of the filming (and gave her wins) so I imagine they at first thought that addressing it on the main stage was enough.
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  13. The thing is, if one of the US girls admitted to doing blackface whilst filming, I'd expect Ru to work out a big dramatic "this isn't right... we all believed in you" mainstage elimination...
    The fact Ru sort of well, did nothing, trash
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  14. The comments all over their Twitter and insta pages are so disheartening. Kita is an incredible queen who was strong throughout the competition and is more than deserving of a place in the hall of fame. It’s not her fault the series was a dumpster fire.

    Hopefully Scarlet, Karen and Coco get bumped off the invites for any international allstars seasons and the producers do proper research before hiring any more racist queens.
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  15. The queens were asked to vote for 'Miss Congeniality' on the PopBuzz Youtube channel when they did their elimination interviews or after the Finale. Jojo Zaho actually voted for 'Etcetera Etcetera' but Maxi Shield, who isn't mentioned here, voted for Anita, so she still has 4 votes. Scarlet hasn't been interviewed on the channel.
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  16. RJF


    I came in from the pub last night and switched on the TV to find the finale of this on BBC One... and it's maybe the jankiest hour of Drag Race I've ever seen. The set looked like it was taking place on some busted spaceship that the last of the human race need to live on after Earth explodes. Ru behaved like he was being controlled remotely (the way he would be happily mouthing along one line in his song during the final performance before going stone-faced the next second?!?!) and that never-ending section of Ru and Michelle foisting their Malibu psychology on these poor girls. Ru is four hundred years old currently filming five hundred seasons of Drag Race a year and he's telling someone else to slow down because working hard is clearly a sign of being afraid of being vulnerable?!?!

    I have literally no thoughts on the dolls as I haven't kept up with this season in the slightest, but my, what a poorly produced episode of reality television. No one looked like they wanted to be there.
  17. They need to rethink and rework everything before they do a second season.

    Except the pit crew, they can stay...

    Kita started the season with only 14,500 followers on Instagram and now has just cracked 100,000.

    How it started:

    1. Art Simone (@rtist_) - 135k
    2. Karen From Finance (@karenfromfinance) - 66.5k
    3. Scarlet Adams (@scarletadamsdragqueen) - 16.1k
    4. Maxi Shield (@maxishield) - 15.8k
    5. Kita Mean (@kitamean) - 14.5k
    6. Etcetera Etcetera (@etceteraetcetera) - 14.2k
    7. Coco Jumbo (@_cocojumbo) - 13.3k
    8. Jojo Zaho (@jojo_zaho) - 9,723
    9. Anita Wigl'it (@anitawiglit) - 9,492
    10. Elektra Shock (@therealelektrashock) - 6,142

    How it ended:

    1. Art Simone (@rtist_) - 204k
    2. Karen from Finance (@karenfromfinance) - 120k
    3. Kita Mean (@kitamean) - 102k
    4. Etcetera Etcetera (@etceteraetcetera) - 69.3k
    5. Anita Wigl'it (@anitawiglit) - 64.3k
    6. Electra Shock (@therealelektrashock) - 63.1k
    7. Maxi Shield (@maxishield) - 46.5k
    8. Coco Jumbo (@_cocojumbo) - 43.6k
    9. Scarlet Adams (@scarletadamsdragqueen) - 37k
    10. Jojo Zaho (@jojo_zaho) - 35.4k
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  18. How to make your finale 1000% more entertaining
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  19. I needed a laugh today and you supplied it. Thank you.

    'Every day they're out there making Duck Tales, whooh ooh!'
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  20. I think Bimini literally gained more followers on her own during UK2 than all these queens combined.... wild
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