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Drag Race Down Under

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Aug 27, 2019.

  1. I can’t believe I waited 758 season of this damn show for my queen Kylie to be on it and it was that cameo…
  2. God I hope it’s better than season 1 at least.
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  3. The only way it could be worse is if they crowned a racist.
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  4. I was 99% sure this would be a one off and wouldn’t get recommissioned.

    Does anyone want this after the wet fart that was season one?
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  5. Bring back Jojo Zaho and crown her.
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  6. Can't wait to hate watch another season of this.
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  7. Well, at least this time around it’s proper casting rather than producers DM’ing from their personal accounts. Sack Michelle, keep Ru in America and make Rhys the head judge.
  8. I hope they learnt their lessons from season 1. RuPaul kept on saying 'Australian drag is so different' but then they would have the exact same challenges as the US.

    Disappointed that Ru and Michelle are coming back. It's completely unnecessary. I'd love Courtney Act to host it but that will never happen.

    I do, but preferably one without a single American involved.
  9. I'm holding onto faint hope that this will be a step up - based purely on the fact we now have better COVID-safe protocols in place for filming so Stan (the streaming platform) can be ready for what's required from a production standpoint. And not have to shift the set over to whatever rickety, crickety shed in New Zealand was filmed in. Actually putting out a casting call certainly can't hurt either, there are so many talented, diverse queens here that could really bring something special to the show.

    As I said, though - faint hope.
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  10. Do we know if this will be filmed in Auckland again? Or are they just gonna cut out New Zealand and their queens. As the show was obviously originally gonna be Drag Race Australia.
  11. I'm not sure why y'all are acting like a shaky first season of a show filmed during Covid on an island not actually represented in the title of the show is going to lead to future diabolical seasons. Comparing season one of DRUK to season two is like comparing two completely different television shows. DRUKS2 was one of, if not the best non-All Stars (2) season of Drag Race ever, and while season one was cute, wasn't a patch on its following season.

    If S2 is handled properly, it could be a lot better than S1 which still had a cute few moments of its own.
  12. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Nah Drag Race Down Under was the worst Drag Race related season ever, easily. It wasn’t even entertaining, just dreadful all around - there’s no way a 2nd season would be worse so there’s that at least.
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  13. WHO asked for this?
  14. They’re doing a second season? After THAT first season?!?

  15. The fact that it's not filmed in Sydney is just odd. If Covid doesn't allow for it then just put it off until the situation improves.

    I'd love them to take the 'down under' concept even further to just beyond Australia and New Zealand.
  16. A Queen and ex was saying today that Down Under applications are only open to permanent residents for 2 years or more which prevents him from even applying, despite living and working in Drag in Australia for 4 years (and considering it his home due to Hong Kong’s political situation not being something he wants to return to). While I suspect most of the franchise applications are similar, it completely alienates so many great performers.
  17. Season one was bad, but if there was no Anita, Kita or Elektra....
  18. I doubt they’d want to loose the co-production money from TVNZ so New Zealand queens will always have a part. But I really hope they make it in Sydney or Melbourne this time, and hire some skilled people to make it. Australia makes a lot of really polished (if a bit tacky) reality TV. There is no reason season 2 should be as poor as the first on that front.
  19. Stack the show with New Zealand queens and I’ll watch but I don’t think I can stomach another series of mostly Aussie queens being horrid to each other. They were all so mean!

    I might watch for a Night of 1000 Kath & Kim runway though.
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