Drag Race Down Under

I’m finding this cast a lot more likeable than season 1, also I’m here for another US season 7 - old lady brigade vs young queens. I’ll keep watching!

I totally forgot about Rhys so I was hella happy to see him on the judging panel again.

Here for Yuri and Spankie.
The judges not laughing at any of their comments on the runway made it so awkward.

Good to know the acting challenges are dreadful no matter where they are, the fact they even made a joke about it and it was still awful... Why'd they have the team of 4 contain the guard who had to work both teams, instead of the team of 5?
Faux Fur's entrance

Serving up a Get Outta My Way lipsync on here, and using Supernova TWICE across other formats.
A disgrace, should have used GOMY all three times.

I actually cackled at the Caged Queens skit, especially as they ripped into scripted challenges. I mean, this is how it should be done, give em a premise and let them improvise.
I had to finish the episode at the runway for after work, but they looked better than the Premier.
Lucy Lawless was a great actually iconic guest judge...
Hannah Conda's look was amazing...
As was that lipsync song
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