Drag Race Down Under

It could be temporary due to Ru doing his book tour or getting ready for it. If there is a fifth season, Ru might return for all we know. To me, it does make sense for Michelle to do it temporarily, although I don’t think she’s a great presenter.


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Rumour has it Michelle is the the host of season 4, no Rupaul.

Surely there’s a queen they can give the hosting duties to a seasoned queen from that side of the world? If Rupaul has quit, why even keep Michelle?


Lotus rise up, this is the beginning.

Dd I know Ru hates her it’ll never happen.
Would this be the only season not hosted by a drag queen? I know Michelle does drag in terms of hair/makeup/looks etc. but I don't know if she considers herself a drag queen.
Are there still great queens left on this continent for this to go on? Because every season, I feel like they've run out of queens and had to fill some spots with whoever autioned.
Does the show even make these Aussie/Kiwi Queens 'stars' other than their own countries? I mean like nobody cares about Spankie Jackson (even though she's iconic) in the UK, US or the rest of Europe & Asia!

Just cancel it!
I think Aussie queens just have no interest in Down Under. It's not like the show has catapulted anyone into Drag Race superstardom the way anyone would have thought or hoped, and the production fuckery with Art Simone in S1 probably doesn't help matters either.

I do still wonder if the show would be better produced if it was filmed in Sydney.
I think they lost the most interesting queen in the second week, even though I can’t remember their name, they should’ve stayed longer for the drama.