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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. She has been a fixture in our Southern scene for years! She is very loved.

    Anyway, a bit of a kii that they get rid of Samantha the week she actually did not deserve her bottom placement at all dd. Estrella was robbed again! I keep eating up what she's serving so I think she's definitely my favorite now.
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  2. choco la
    choco te
    choco la TÉ

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  3. Also... I was really annoyed at how the judges critiqued several of the girls on their runways being too literal and that they needed to drag it up. I don't think that note really works with the assignment at hand this time? It was... quite a literal category. Estrella and Sharonne were giving Rossy de Palma and Marisa Paredes unclockable realness, and it was somehow a problem. I didn't get it.
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  4. It seems like Juriji and Marina’s Untucked fight might be deeper than what I thought it was. I was convinced it was faked for the kiis until this:

    “Glad to know you think about me all day. But also remember my pronouns. Because when you call yourself a non-binary goddess, calling me tío (dude) all the time is very ugly.”

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  5. That’s so weird considering all of the Spanish gays I know call each other “tía” all the time anyway nn.
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  6. Also, at least in Barcelona, ''tío/tio'' is literally used all the time regardless of the gender, it's just the expression. I wonder if that's what Juriji is referring to, as Marina speaks like your average Barcelonian!
  7. Yeah, I think Juriji might be behaving a little too messy in this case. Several girls from the cast and from the general drag scene have been retweeting and liking tweets supporting Marina.
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  8. I don’t really understand what I just watched
  9. I’m not crying, you’re crying!!!

    I’m just flabbergasted at the sheer quantity of work and clothes they’re asking of them. That was a long ass musical! And they all were at least decent.

    And then the Estrella moment, that was just Spanish modern history, I’m sorry! I already loved her but I’d die for her at this point. And the chemistry with Sharonne is just out of this world, they are the rightful double winners, I don’t make the rules.

    Jota leaving is perfect as well, she has shown how much promise she has and she’ll grow into a superstar in no time. The lip sync was messy but slightly better than the first two, so that’s something.

    I’m just so proud of this country for once…

    PS. I’m scared for Marina in Snatch Game. But at the same time, looking forward to it…
  10. The musical was bizarrely affecting?? Runway was boot city though. I'm loving this season.
  11. How long was that musical. Sharon is the Carmen of this season, she just has IT. Juriji had no business being in the bottom 3 let alone the bottom 2.
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  12. I love Estrella so much.
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  13. The only way for me Juriji escapes that bottom two for me is if Venedita is in there instead: madness to me that she was considered overall better than Onyx? I guess maybe they didn’t want all the Muses in the bottom as otherwise it would make it seem like winning with those afterthought parts were impossible?

    and great as Estrella is, and thinking she should have won last week, for me Marina was the winner this week! Of course I could be missing a lot in translation & references
  14. Yeah, if you haven't seen La Llamada it must be pretty confusing dddd

    Estrella and Sharonne stole the show. Estrella's tone/accent was nearly identical to the original Milagritos.
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  15. Sharonne STOMPED on all of them, to be honest. I believe they gave it to Estrella to make the competition a bit more even.
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  16. The way I kept skipping and skipping and yet the musical was still playing...
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  17. Estrella's truly the heart of this season. I'm rooting for her!
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  18. Estrella is just a dream. I am obsessed with her. I genuinely think she was the best this episode, just drowning in charm and talent. That's not to say some of the other girls wouldn't have deserved the win as well, especially Sharonne, but Estrella simply had that extra spark for me. Which by the way, an Estrella crowning and Sharonne 2nd placement is the only turnout I am willing to accept at this point in time. Maaaaaybe I would also live with them switching those positions, but also... maybe not.

  19. Sharonne is the trade of the season ooop there I said it.
  20. TEA.
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