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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Unrelated but I'm in Barcelona and the DJ at the Bananas party played Yo Quiero Bailarrrrr. When I tell you I jumped! The show's impact.
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  2. That last episode of Espana was giving me Drag Race Endless Italia teas. THE IMPACT.

    I need them to stop taking shit off during lip sync. It's not stunning.
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  3. The wrong queen went this week, just saying.
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  4. I’m really sad about the result this week! It would have been the perfect week for a double shantay.
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  5. You'd think queens would have stopped doing this when RuPaul looked singularly unimpressed when Milan literally shredded her outfit during a lip sync on Season 4- or even when he subtly told Monique to stop ripping off her wigs in AS4.
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  6. I need the whole thing to end and crown Sharonne already. She's truly steamrolling the competition. This was also Sethlas' week to go home. I also do not understand the fascination with Miss Von Dash - I believe she's not that great and should have been at the very bottom in the 'La Llamadrag' week.

    Who I'd love to see go in order:

    7th Place - Benedita Von Dash
    6th Place - Sethlas

    Top 5:
    - Diamante
    - Marina

    Top 3:
    - Juriji
    - Estrella

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  7. Enjoyable Snatch Game!

    I don't know if you international girlies know, but legendary actress Verónica Forqué took her own life four months ago after years of battling mental health issues, which naturally shocked Spain. So you can imagine my heart dropped to my stomach with the message at the start of the episode, because I was scared that a queen had played her in a tactless way. But of course Sharonne delivered another uncanny and loving performance portraying an icon she very clearly adores. Her win was more than deserved, and... honestly? She is just a great actor, drag or not. Like, if I were Los Javis or Almodóvar, I would put her in my project in a heartbeat. She is Goya-worthy every time and I'm not even being hyperbolic.

    Juriji was giving me Sagittaria in the sense that I wasn't expecting her to bring it on this challenge, but she also took a kitschy character from the meme culture of the 2000's and did a great job. I am always elated every time Miguel Boldémort is dragged, so I enjoyed Venedita's choice. Marina and Estrella were a bit of a letdown for me because they could have done so much more with their characters, but their "safe" placement felt fair.

    Diamante is... really starting to grate on me. She is giving me Todrick Hall "step your pussy up girls!!!1!" faux-confidence energy with nothing to show for it when her very own pussy is scraping the floor. I also don't know how many more weeks of her inexcusable runways I can take.
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  8. I've finally had the time to catch up with this season and this is another great cast.

    Naturally I was drawn to Onyx, but as soon as the quirky queen won episode 1, I was worried a similar narrative to Hugaceo would ensue, and sure enough... She did not deserve to go.
    Sharonne is fabulous! For me, she possesses the same level of C.U.N.T. as Carmen and I feel like I could place bets on her as the winner now and safely withdraw from the season without worrying.
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  9. This! Sharonne is the moment. And Verónica was done justice with her impersonation. She’ll never be forgotten x

    Juriji is good looking… and that’s it? I don’t get the hype.
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  10. In what world Miss Choco La Choco Te wasn't the right queen to stay?
  11. Now sis, I am hardly one of those maricones de Twitter stanning her every breath just to get their woke cookies, but at least the good sis has been serving consistently on the runway. She has that going for her! What I genuinely don't get is people going out of their way to defend Diamante's performance on the show when she's been doing pretty middle of the road on the challenges as a full picture (not unlike Juriji, honestly) but her runways look like she received the list of potential themes, wrapped her totebag around her shoulder and punched it to the nearest Disfraces Pichardo to clear off the corresponding racks. I think she's... a weird and random hill to die on, but to each their own!

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  12. Put respect on Juriji’a name, she is talented, beautiful, and delivers the best commentary. Feas.
  13. While I agree that Juriji is better on the runway, she’s hardly anything to write home about. Regarding the challenges, though? Mediocre all the way! Diamante then Juriji is the right exit order.

    I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules!!
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  14. Juriji is giving great commentary though….
  15. I was really hoping Sethlas would storm the competition, pero mi paisana canaria is being kinda boring fffff
  16. Sethlas serving 'I am young and short and that's it'.
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  17. It wasn't Onyx's time to go, but Diamante won that lip sync.

    Sharonne is a consummate professional. Just incredibly talented across the board. Estrella is..well, a star! They're my top 2, but I'm open to being surprised.
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  18. Diamante is raw old school classic drag excellence with a touch of Boney M brilliance.
    Onyx is a bit too costumey and one-note compared.
  19. Onyx is ten times more interesting and dynamic than Diamanté for me. I’m glad D got to show what she can do in the talent show and there’s clearly some great stuff there, but for me this was her week to go.
    That said, though I do think you could argue that either won that lipsync, Diamente was probably technically better. And (I could be being naive here) if the judges actually do get a vote each rather than the producers just picking a winner before it’s even gone down, which we all hate, then I can completely see why she stayed.

    I just think it’s a massive shame to lose Onyx the week before the ball.

    Sharonne truly is steamrolling. Estella and Marina should make up the top three for my money.
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  20. Diamante is tacky as hell but very talented.
    Sharonne must win this.
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