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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. What a beautiful celebration of drag this iteration of the show is, last season and this season. Love.
  2. Did they peak with the second episode? Because…
  3. Yes (so far), but that doesn’t mean it’s bad!
  4. I really enjoyed this week’s episode but I missed Onyx. She would have been incredible in the ball.
  5. Meh this is a cute season but nowhere near enough S1, now that was A SEASON.
  6. I can't exactly explain it, but there is a right way to be a cunt (Juriji), and a wrong way to be a cunt (Marina).
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  7. Nevermind!
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  8. I’m obsessed with Juriji. Obsessed.
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  9. Sethlas' three Ball looks are some of my favourite of any franchise. Having the theme of 'Communication' run throughout the collection was genius, and every garment was immaculate (the fact that she made the last one in the workroom is astonishing).

    But it's definitely a shame that Onyx wasn't there.
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  10. I thought Juriji would have taken the win this week tbh
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  11. Conversely, I thought besides her first look, Juriji was very overrated this week.

    absolutely the correct winner and correct bottom two two, and I’m glad the lipsync played out that way.

    Do we think Marina is being a c**t? I wouldn’t describe her as such. Also I didn’t get what was so wrong with what Diamanté was saying unless something was lost in translation. ‘I love my sister but I did what I had to do and I needed to stay here so she had to go’ is wrong… why?
  12. Apparently she was a nightmare during filming and is being a nightmare in the tour rehearsals, so... yes?
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  13. Marina seems to be exactly what we call an “intensa” here, so she probably sucks the energy out of the room every single time. Cute looks though! Loved the punk-ish second one.

    Juriji stays… just pretty.

    Sethlas has indeed arrived. The cable wig is probably one of my favourite wigs I’ve ever seen on Drag Race. And Venedita was quite good too, loved the Thirtieth Century look.
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  14. Marina is needed in this though.
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  15. What an awful challenge. Crass humor can be funny when done right (Sharonne and Estrella) or repetitive and cringe-y when not. I'm gutted seeing the eliminated queen go, but the other girl gave one of, if not the second best lipsync of both seasons (bar La Gata Bajo La Lluvia).
  16. This was my least favourite episode of both seasons. The best thing about it was the Pit Crew. That every girl went the same route for the video was disappointing. Only Sharonne and Estrella's was any good, and one of those two has got to win the whole season.
  17. I love Estrella but it’d be weird at this point if she won. Sharonne is stomping and I know she deserves to win but she leaves me a bit cold?
  18. Juriji truly is the moment. La paella lleva arroz, así es amigas.
  19. Ruth Lorenzo will never be clean again.
  20. That was a lot. The challenge was… something. Sharonne and Estrella once again blew it out of the park and it really felt like a John Waters film. The moment the blood spurted out I almost choked, so unexpected.

    Now on the other hand, this narrative that Juriji is anything other than pretty and average is… baffling. Her runway wasn’t all that. They criticized Sethlas’ make up for not being faithful to Raffaella but then complimented Juriji on hers which is… what she does every week? She was absolutely rude in the untucked (while, once again, giving great TV) and I’m sad Sethlas got in her mind because of her absurd opinions.

    The lip sync should’ve absolutely been Sethlas vs Juriji. The judging was obnoxious. Marina was actually quite good and funny in her challenge and for once gave us other than *aCTinG* and her runway, while simple, was everything, probably the best after Venedita. She absolutely slayed the lip sync, so props to her.

    The top 3 couldn’t be any more obvious at this point.
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