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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. By the way, Sharonne and Estrella are shining so bright at times it feels they're eclipsing how good Venedita is, she's extremely reliable, hilarious and can turn up a lewk.
  2. Juriji won the challenge, sorry to all the haters. Marina has delivered the best lipsync of the whole Drag Race España franchise. Exquisite and concise.

    I fear we will see the last of Juriji next week, though. Benedita should have gone weeks and weeks ago.
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  3. Jokes about glory holes, poppers and cruising? Bin it.
  4. I personally don’t see the fuss about Juriji or Venedita. When they were calling them stars, I just don’t see it, especially in Venedita’s case, even though she’s the more consistent of the two.

    Sharonne and Estrella are steamrolling, and Marina has something special. The lip sync was quality.
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  5. Nooooo. The judges have a permanent hard on for both Sharonneand Estrella, so it’s not surprising they won, but Juriji and Venedita were ROBBED.

    Also, Juriji is THE untucked queen of the season, love her.
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  6. These episodes clocking in at almost 1 hour 20 really don't need the be this long. Something really isn't clicking as much this season.
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  7. It was always going to be hard keeping up the momentum of season one, but this is still easily way above average.

    Sethlas is a legendary queen, but I think she made the classic mistake of getting stuck in her own head about being "sabotaged" with pairings and never truly getting out of that mindset. The gold-in-the-sleeves stunt was actually quite pretty, but it just didn't work with the song at hand. Marina was eating her up the moment they pressed play on the song.

    It's still Estrella or Sharonne for the win.
  8. Marina obviously isn’t winning this, but can I just say that my biggest laugh of the episode came when she suddenly started twirling in the wrestling ring. Camp!

    And that lip sync too - sheer delight.
  9. Juriji is the worst, can't stand her, acting like if she is above everyone. She has no charisma and is basic AF.
    Sharonne should win this.
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  10. Do we know how for certain the elimination is decided? I always assumed those pieces of paper the judge hand Supremme were votes, making a double elimination or double save impossible, but I don’t know if they ever explicitly stated that to be true.
  11. Nn poor Atlas.
    Marina killed the lipsync.

    I may or may not be skipping a lotttt. The season just is not as good as S1.
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  12. It’s probably a team decision. I doubt whatever they write on the cards holds any weight, if they even write anything at all dd.
  13. Not sure if this is supposed to be shady, or just autocorrect?
  14. Nn
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  15. As if the twins know how to write with a pen
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  16. Marina's mug on the runway was everything to me.
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  17. Marina was my fave first episode and still today. My winner.
  18. The world’s a beast of a burden.
  19. This was a very strong episode! I actually laughed with Marina and Sharonne, with some funny moments from the other girls too - their jokes just didn't land that well.

    Alexis Mateo as a guest judge next week...they're so gearing up for a Spain vs the World season, I can feel it.
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  20. Carmen vs Raja: The Sequel
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