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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. I'm gonna miss the eliminated queen so fucking much!
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  2. Me too, she was in my Top Three from the jump.
  3. She is one of my faves from this season!

  4. I'm sorta surprised she got the boot, but the Top 5 is so strong. Same with last season.

    I think it's Sharonne's to lose. Oddly I think Marina is the dark horse. Estrella's faltered too many times in challenges she should have slayed.
  5. Marina had a great week all round. She did great in the challenge. I guess having no expectations to do well helps too. And her run way look was the best or the season and felt very different for her.

    I suspect Venedita will be out next but with those lip sync skills she could take out any one else I guess.
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  6. Should’ve been a double save.
  7. Juriji was amazing television, she’ll be missed. I also would have put Estrella in the bottom over her, I actually thought Juriji was pretty funny in the roast. Estrella was decent but it was such a struggle to keep up with her.
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  8. I wonder if the silly business of the judges pretending to vote prevents this from ever happening.
  9. I told y’all the show took a dip after the amazing talent show episode…

    Can we just end this season already? It’s quite a chore to sit thru…
  10. I think you're the only one who feels that. I kinda got the general vibe that people were enjoying this Season it just wasn't as good as Season 1. Which was always going to be hard.

    But the drop between España 1 and 2 isn't the same as UK 2 and 3.
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  11. Dip in quality doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying the season at all. If that was the case I would’ve stopped watching - completely.

    So yes, if you wanna compare then, it’s not as good/enjoyable as season 1.
  12. It definitely took a dip to the point where I'm two episodes behind now. I do enjoy, and I find a lot of it very funny, but the episodes feel too long and a bit too padded out to get through.The runways are lacking a bit this season too.
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  13. The spoilers had been right up to this point where Marina was the one going home which was a nice surprise. She was quite good in this episode and rightfully won. I still believe she was quite good in the previous one though, more-so than Juriji who had been doing the same ad nauseam.

    I agree it should've been a double shantay, to be fair, as Juriji did move better than Venedita, but she was languid which does not suit the banger well.

    They really need to leave more on the cutting room once we get to eight girls left, and limit the duration to an hour. Anyway, on to the top 4, visca Barcelona x
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  14. Yeah, this didn't need to be 80 minutes long.

    Charo is winning this hands down. I hope that for S3 there isn't such a clear frontrunner from the get-go. Carmen and her have basically stomped their seasons.
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  15. The length isn't the issue, the issue is the girls are great but they aren't S1 girls.
  16. I didn’t feel like that episode was leading up to Juriji in the bottom tbh, but besides Venedita, nobody massively faltered. And… I’m kind of relieved she went. Though as the two I didn’t care for much, I would have been fine either way.

    delighted Marina finally got a win. If it’s a top three of Sharonne, Marina and Estrella, that’s very strong. For me, stronger than the s1 top three.
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  17. I'd rather see Venedita in the top 3 than Marina.
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  18. I'm two episodes behind but I just came in here to say Juriji is the entire fucking moment and one of the most effortlessly engaging and refreshing queens the franchise has cast in eons. Hoping she has a big international career ahead of her, she could stomp a "vs the World" if she wanted to.
  19. Estrella is still my favorite but yeah, this is Sharonne's to lose now. Estrella lost her momentum whereas Sharonne has never really faltered.
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  20. I’m bummed. Marina was realistically the only one I could see leaving besides Juri, so as soon as she nailed the challenge it was over. Glad miss Juriji still did very well at everything this episode and left like the queen she is.

    Apparently the Spanish shit stirrers leave in fifth place, huh? Get both Dovima and Juriji on a vs the world season asap.
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