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Drag Race España 2: And may the best maricón win!

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Nov 16, 2020.

  1. Did the Drag Race Italia editors step in to produce this weeks episode?

  2. Oh I was thinking the same. Although I think this is still shorter than almost all the Italia episodes.
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  3. Oh lord the childhood trauma photos too.
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  4. Yeah, all that American crap can stay on their version.

    But the rest was great. Lovely episode and they all did well in the challenge, even if the looks except Venedita were all on the basic side of things.

    The lipsync was okay? Like, entertaining but also cringeworthy. Marina doing all that awkward white girl movement while also delivering the actual lip sync and giving us face and then Estrella having a good gimmick but overusing it…

    Then again maybe don’t give them a shit song x
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  5. Lip sync was awful. I love her, but I woulda booted Estrella.
  6. I loved Season 1 and still one of the best seasons overall, but this holds up very strong too. I missed Juriji too much tho.
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  7. Can't say I agree with the winner of Miss Congeniality.

    I hate these reunions that are either filmed before the airing of the crowning. As the finalists are usually unwilling to do anything that might jeopardise them getting the crown.

    At least it isn't as bad as some of the US ones where they are filmed after the finale but aired before so the queen's not in the final lip sync can be quite clear.
  8. Literally arrived in Spain today for Primavera and in less than an hour later walked past Jota Carajota (and someone else from Season 2 I couldn’t instantly recognize) in Madrid.
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  9. The thread title always brings me so much joy.
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  10. That maxi challenge song was about 20 minutes long
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  11. That was so obvious ffffff
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  12. Has anyone made Drag Race look so easy?
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  13. Carmen in season 1?
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  14. I thought it was a bop!
  15. This ended up being one of the less compelling recent Drag Race seasons for me unfortunately. Why was every episode four hours long? The final stretch was a bit lacking in the kind of exciting drag personalities you can really root for, and there was something a lot more triumphant about Carmen's undeniable sprint to the crown than Sharonne's. But I seem to be in the minority on this.
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  16. I don’t get why they wouldn’t change up the judging panel after the first season.
  17. Finally got around to watching this. They did Marina dirty!
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  18. Finally finished this because I couldn't be bothered...

    I can't believe this was such a slog to get thru after that stellar talent show episode. Juriji is a fucking star.

    It's quite obvious Sharonne was gonna win, I guess. Season one remains iconic, this not so much.
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  19. Yeah what a boring season. Season 1 is among my Top 5 seasons in the history of Drag Race.
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