Drag Race España All Stars

Hook me up

This could be a great chance to introduce a female drag queen?
I remember seeing these incredible girls do Samantha Fox / Tina TurTner / Sabrina / Paradisio lip-syncs at La Ká Sundays. We still talk about them with my boyfriend.
It is to be noted that there is a long drag tradition in some areas of the country.

In Canarias, for example, it's so big that it has its own show during el carnaval every year. In Gran Canaria is probably the biggest event, outshining the more traditional gala de la reina (where the girls just have to wear a big ass dress on wheels).

Here is this year's:

Of course, the christians will always have a complain when stuff like this happens:

Also, legend has it that Rupaul got the idea for Drag Race right here, since he came to perform back in 2008:

I always thought Mediaset would be the one adapting the show because of their experience in realities, but Atresmedia could do a good work if they respect the format. It's a brilliant move to promote their streaming platform, lots of people will subscribe for this.
What about guests? I hope Rosalía or Nathy Peluso guest and they also have lip-sync songs.

Mónica Naranjo, Luz Casal, Ana Torroja and Marta Sánchez also found contacted.

What about Pedro Almodovar judging a Todo Sobre Mi Madre challenge.

Or faux-spanish pop lip-syncs of Alejandro, Viva Forever, La Isla Bonita, Te/Ti Amo etc?

Ugh this could be good.