Drag Race España All Stars

I enjoy the personalities, but the lewks so far, especially the entrance...

I also love that they're still casting 30++ queens.
Samantha should have won the mini-challenge. The bottom two placement was deserved tho and I hope she stays as long as possible.

I'm enjoying Marina and Sharonne more than I thought I would based on the MTQ videos.
I strongly dislike Samantha, always have, never have found her funny so I was hoping for a double elimination (so that when someone was unfairly eliminated they could be brought back).

That being said this was an excellent first episode! They all did pretty well and the winners were right.

Sharonne is a bit like Pupi in the sense that she’s well known, she has already been on TV several times and has a reputation, so I’m sure she will go far (that second look though… ugly! Barcelona Turisme found disowning it). Marina is a fantastic performer but having seen her shows she’s not a great Drag Race fit so I’m not very hopeful (I saw her live two weeks ago and she didn’t say much but wasn’t very enthusiastic about the program). And Estrella… what can I say? Her name says it all!

I’m also rooting for Onyx, of course! She has already proven to be more than an alien drag queen.
Onyx, Sharonne and Marina seem like an obvious top 3. I love Drag Race España, it feels so refreshing and palpably different to the US series and it doesn’t feel like it’s trying to replicate it, which UK3 for example really suffered from.
I feel so vindicated after making it clear for months that this is the only iteration of this show that I care about anymore. It felt so right to have this amount of local talent and Supremme's actually warm and motherly energy back on my TV. God, I missed this so much. So, let's get this roast a-cookin'!


Samantha is the clear star for me. It's unfortunate that she is not the kind of polished that guarantees her to do well enough to stay as many weeks as I would like her to, but I hope they keep her on for as long as possible because I can't get enough of her. My personal favorite niche moment was when she said Sethlas looked like La Húngara dd (aka iconic Southern legend featured on C. T*ngana's "Tú me dejaste de querer" to make it actually listenable). I was going to intellectualize her lipsync performance by making up some bullshit where her taking her wig off was a justified artistic choice because of the lyric "y me solté el cabello" that automatically made it performance art, but... I will remain silent for now and save my stanning for the future (and it looks like my good sis will need it). Her shooting Marisa with her seashell fascinator was a kii, though.

I was pleasantly surprised with Estrella actually having an aesthetic point of view beyond being the token funny fat girl. She really inhabits that Divine trashy countercultural space quite well. Marina also surprised me, that Ocaña look was to die for and a fierce reference that I encourage you girls to look into (they were a queer multidisciplinary artist whose circumstances around their death are still unclear as to whether it was a hate crime or their outfit caught on fire by genuine mistake).

I think Sharonne was maybe a tad bit robbed, but I'm not mad at Onyx winning because her second look was an absolute gag. It just sucks that her first one, polished as it was, was pulled out of her ass and a nightmare to pass off in order to make it fit the homework description.

Juriji is literally Manuela Trasobares, which is a huge compliment.

Jota had no business being in the bottom. She couldn't handle her skirt on her second look properly, so what? There was literally nothing on Diamante's two basic looks that I barely remember to even remotely have trouble handling, and she was somehow safe. Baloney!

I am already dreading Ariel being her sister Killer 2.0, only switching "drag is political!!!1!" while uttering the most SJW 101 affirmations for "I am URBAN!!!111!" while wearing... literally anything. You are from Malasaña and that's it.

But all in all, this is a lovely cast and I am so happy that the show is back and relieved that there is not one Dovima on my sight! Whoever wins this has huge shoes to fill, but I'm excited for the journey ahead.

NOT a guy at lab last Friday mentioning mid orgy that he's spanish and us starting talking about this and him mentioning he's friends with the 'one with the beard' dd!

NOT the daddy from my friends' underwear company being the first elderlt Pit Crew!!

I'm not as excited as I was with the S1 cast but this is still stellar! Marina to win.

Also why is this Doja Cat drag king?

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