Drag Race España All Stars

I strongly dislike Samantha, always have, never have found her funny

I think I set my expectations too high after season one but I was disappointed by the premiere. I also thought Drag Sethlas should have been in the top over Sharonne, who looked pretty rough up close.
It's not a joke, pardon my ignorance, but I don't know who that person is or what mainstream successful song she has. I do live in Madrid and I'm more familiar with Aitana, Lola Indigo, Ana Mena, Ana Guerra...

I didn’t mean it in a facetious way, I’m genuinely surprised! It’s not so much about the music but she has become a bit of a trap icon and spurred a conversation about feminism because of her brash and explicit sexual lyrics.
And that’s how you do a talent show! The runway was incredible too, I was at a viewing party and everyone was gagged. The winner was right although Sethlas would’ve been just as a good winner.

Pity the lip sync was shit and they decided to reward whatever nonsense Samantha was delivering. Chaos is great when you know how to convey… something, anything? You literally have one of the BIG CLASSICS!
That talent show was an all time Franchise great. So many of them would have won in so many other countries.

That runway was an all time Franchise great. The idea that Onyx could be low while wearing that, incredible.

Bravo to this episode. The only thing tainting it is Samantha at the end of each episode, really we should not be rewarding that. Last week I could understand as there was some nuance in what she did with her lipsync before the total chaos set in. This time was a wreck and she should have left.