Drag Race España All Stars


The way I can hear this gif.
Did Dovima just tag Aja in that for no reason or had something happened prior fff? Either way, a mess.
Did Dovima just tag her in that for no reason or had something happened prior fff? Either way, a mess.

Aja subtweeted that Sethlas's jump into splits wasn't something original and that she was tired of people tagging her into watching other queens do that. Sethlas rightfully defended herself, as it's a part of her act she's been doing as early as 2016

Aja deflected a bit and said it wasn't directed at her, whilst also receiving a ton of hateful, racist tweets. The two of them hashed it out and it was supposed to be the end of it.

Cut to today, with Dovima attacking her unprompted and mess ensues.
This episode was fun. The maxi challenge was much better than the US version, Bossy Rossy (mainly because Supremme isn't insufferable). None of the queens made me cringe; the bottoms just weren't as funny.
But I would've given the win to Estrella.

Jota's lip sync was the first great one of the season.
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The second Drag Race Spain was announced I wanted an Almodovar theme and the girls did him justice.

Also this past summer we were listening to songs from Almodovar movies and my boyfriend mentioned how Un año de amor would make an amazing lipsync... and it did!
I didn’t love the maxi challenge but the runway and cast itself continue to serve.

I have to say even though I am really quite glad we are rid of Samantha…. I thought she did really well in the maxi? When the wig came off in the lipsync I was ready to riot but I am glad she was actually en route to at least trying something else and went out on a less messy ending. Jota absolutely bodied that lipsync though.

I think Estrella was my winner for the episode.
Yeah when Samantha was kept on stage I thought she was in the Top.

I am glad she is gone though. Is she well known in Spain? As everyone seemed to have a real soft spot for her.