Drag Race España All Stars

It's interesting how the non-Ru franchises take the talent show seriously and the queens give their all, while Ru talent shows are mostly: Queen with the biggest breast plate wins, those who do a lame lip sync to their own songs stay safe, anyone who does something different is in the bottom.
I don't really like Drag Sethlas
Sethlas’s runway was head and shoulders better than anyone else this week! I did enjoy Hornella’s concept though.
I kind of loved this snatch game? The top two were great and Juriji is consistently iconic.

Also creepy Hornella did things to me I’m really not ready to face
Juriji's first fucking win across 2 seasons of Drag Race España - justice has been served! Cannot believe the juries are giving a win to that participant (won't mention his name to avoid spoilers) - but I feel we're having a whole redemption arch in front of our eyes.
I can’t stand Sagitaria’s attitude in general. Puppi deserved to go. We’ve already had the snatch game and the mini library challenge where she did a not so bad job. It was time for her to pack her bags.
This week’s winner is so deserved in my eyes and pretty much everyone else’s.
Poor Sagi is not... well.
Not this episode, from the start of AS she's so dark and sad. She was beaming and shining each time she was on screen on her season.

Her and Dovima were it. Maybe she needs Dovima.