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Sethlas deserved the win. Even though I wasn't obsessed with the look she made, the second look was one of my all time fave looks on any season of Drag Race. I completely agreed with what she said to Sagittaria about having a nice dress vs a concept as well.
¡Hola, hola, hola!

I don't even think Sethlas is receiving more praise than she deserves in general — as a matter of fact, I actually think she was robbed of a top 2 placement this week! But the one week that the judges decided to go back into their weird favoritism it was simply... blatant. They gave her the option to change her Deadly Sin because... I still don't know why? Was it because she placed top 2 the week prior? If that was the reason, Supremme didn't say it, and regardless, wouldn't it have made more sense to give Pupi a leg up because... she won the episode? Not only did they not give Pupi any kind of advantage, she ended up in the bottom two! And trying to say they were giving Sethlas that privilege because the Deadly Sin she was originally assigned by Juriji was Envy and "envious girls always want what the other girls have, teehee!"... Like, come on now. At least they had the decency to have Anna give advice to every girl even if they originally played with the idea of only Samantha getting her help because her Deadly Sin was Greed or whatever.

And we haven't even gotten into the runway! Sethlas' backhanded comment to Sagittaria that she actually comes up with concepts and takes them to the extreme instead of only being concerned about looking pretty... are these concepts and extremes in the room with us right now? You literally glued pieces of glass to a corset, a chunk of your boot came off on the runway which I guess someone forgot to edit out (go back and see for yourself!!!) and which has been grounds for eliminating girls in the past, and you brought a hand mirror from your hotel bathroom which you then broke into pieces during your lipsync, causing Juriji to get blood wounds. That's extreme, I guess! Her second look was admittedly a serve, but... how can you place Sethlas in the top off of a home look, no matter how emotional you may find it, yet place Pakita in the bottom for a perfectly serviceable challenge look that's undisputedly better than Sethlas' Disfraces Pichardo fantasy? And Sagittaria's look was also... obviously better.

I think Sagittaria committed the crime of being the only one with the balls to call out the rigga morris while simultaneously being the least likely one to stand behind her decision to do so. Sethlas running around trying (and succeeding!) to convince everybody that Sagittaria's amoeba-brained ass was just being strategic is a cachondeo when you consider she only managed to deposit her fate in Sethlas' volcanically demonic twinkish hands and land herself in the bottom because she was overwhelmed by her own nerve to call out the obvious. She fed right into the editors' wishes and served them a storyline that they could use to debunk the very much real theory that the show more often than not tends to be... shady. And she gave it to them on a silver platter.

But anyway! Except for that scandalously rigged week, Sethlas is still crushing the competition and will forever be a legend, whatever my personal opinion of her character may be (which is not favorable). And you know what? So will Pakita!

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Nathy as a guest judge was… delightful, as always. A star. I am so tired of this weird phase some gays are in where they decided they do not like her anymore.
Lola Flores just woke up from her Madrid grave and glided her phantasmagorical bata de cola all over the rocky summits of Despeñaperros in order to place a legal complaint at the Parlamento de Andalucía to prevent Drag Sethlas from ever stepping foot in our autonomous community after that "La Zarzamora" excuse of a lipsync.


I am automatically #TeamSamantha, and production should be too. The one I'm really stanning out of the top 4 is Juriji but she's never going to take this, so.

Also, I've been waiting all damn season for the Martirio runway ever since I heard they were doing it last year. I really recommend you girls look into who she is, but just to give you a sneak peek: she is an Andalusian icon, an innovator, the Andalusian Lady Gaga. She's known for rejuvenating and modernizing traditional genres like copla or sevillanas and playing with our regional clothing. A true queen of camp. She started out as a solo artist in the 80's after having been a member of the band Jarcha (known for the protest song "Libertad sin ira," a Transición era anthem), and this decade saw her wildest and campiest moments. From the 90's on, she went on to dabble in jazzified copla, and I recommend her album Coplas de madrugá, an exquisite listen.