Drag Race España All Stars

I am so ready to do heavy Drag race catch up I started with US season 13 and I don't get why people were dissing I am living from episode one. But maybe I like all of Drag race. I plan to leave my thoughts as I go through seasons and I have to do international too are they really that good? España seems great I will try and not spam you guys but leave thoughts for sure for us to discuss
I always like how newer seasons at the time become classic gradually as time goes on it is so fun to watch

España season 1 is one of the best seasons in the entire franchise, no flaws!
Is it?

I like the three seasons but I prefer the second and the third to the first (amateurish) one.

I feel like season 1 had a lot of heart, every queen felt very different from one another and were pretty memorable (some in new ways, such as Hugáceo and Inti, and others that felt more reminiscent of the US franchise, like Sagittaria), the final 3 lip sync had one of the best interpretations of a song with Carmen's performance, and I remember finding Supremme being very heart-felt and honest, which was nice to watch.

I'm re-watching Season 2 and enjoying it more this time around though; I don't know why I found Samantha unbearable the first time I watched it, but after seeing her on All Stars, I'm finding her really good on her original season and wish she hadn't left so soon.