Drag Race España S3 & All Stars

Pupi was a star before the show, but now the whole world knows it and I’m at peace with that.

Pupi should have hosted the show rather than be a contestant on it. And Envy Peru should be on the panel, there is no need for the two Javiers at the same time.

Im catching up on the series but Pupi should have been in the bottom against Dovima after her comedy challenge flop. But I get they wanted some flatmate rivalry and I love that Dovima wasn’t going to fall for that trap in the lip sync.
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The reunion was fun. I enjoyed the unseen bits.

I thought it was odd they dubbed English songs over the lip syncs in places.

Best unseen bit was Javier having his seat break.

Honestly Carmen better win this. Even in the reunion, of the final 3, she had the longest bit of the individual segments and the went to her more than the other two throughout the show.
Amazing series and although the winner was obvious. It was hard earned and not like it was obvious from day one.

I loved that the judges basically decided when the wig came off she had won and didn't wait for the song to end.

But this is one of the few times my favourite from day one has actually won the whole thing.

Also I assume they didn't film multiple endings for the crowning. As they put the crown on Carmen's head and usually for multi crownings they just get the septor. Plus that reaction seemed so genuine.

I have some more stray thoughts but they are more negative critiques as well as some positives so I shall save them for another day.