Drag Race España S3 & All Stars

peak Drag Race

So as I said earlier last Friday I went to see the show that these queens (and Supremme and PACA!) are touring. As soon as the season finished I was like 'yeah I have to see these absolute legends' and it was a great decision really. The show combined modern elements with traditional Spanish drama / theatrics and lasted almost 3 hours HELP - all in spanish too which I don't speak. It felt like minutes though as it was all so so so good.

I no lies loved all ten queens shows within the show, INTI served art and ballroom, Arantxa was 'my first concert' and she did Miley's Best of Both Worlds, then smoked a giant spliff and on to We Can't Stop and then she became a rocker for Heart Of Glass, it was all so fun! Sagi served big pop girl doing Britney, Madonna etc, Dovima was more of an alt Violet / Dita von Teese show, Killer Queen's had a message but ended with Show Me Love / Stupid Love - her dancing was spectacular! Carmen basically recreated JLo's SUperbowl set AMAZINGLY. It was all a dream. I'd go again in a heartbeat teebs.

They were all lovely at the M&G too, ugh I love them.