Drag Race España S3 & All Stars

Michelle shared: "Listen, I joke all the time, but if I could speak Italian fluently – and I can speak Spanish fluently – I would be doing every single country."
"When I was taking Spanish class in lockdown, I said to the producers at World of Wonder – I texted them like, 'Guys, I have been studying Spanish in lockdown.'
"They said, 'Your services will not be needed, LOL.'
"I was like, 'Come on, I could do it! I could do it for España!'"
She continued: "It’s so funny, because in my head, I do accents really well. So I’m like, 'I know I can sound native.' They were like, 'No, Michelle. No.'"

fff they really went

Puppi was everything for me on Espana.

Can't wait for this to come back. Michelle can go to Drag Race Holland - that gig fits her to a tee.