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Drag Race France

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Leogin, Nov 17, 2021.

  1. An excellent debut!

    I am a bit worried all of these seasons are going to crowd eachother out - AS7, Canada, France, Oz/NZ (if anyone tunes in...) all screening at the same time?
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  2. I generally avoid non-english seasons just to give myself a respite from Drag Race but i had to tune into Nicky Doll's School for Sickening Girls. The little touches like replacing "untuck backstage" with "take off your jewellery" and her send off speech to the first eliminee. Only THEE robbed queen of Season 12. I thought it was a fun premiere even if some of the pop culture references and comedy went completely over my head fffff

    La Grande Dame also might be the hottest guy the franchise has ever seen. Kii

  3. Elips, La Grande Dame and Soa De Muse for top 3.
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  4. A Dalida song in the first episode? My gay heart!!

    Ultimate performance of the song, everyone <3333
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  5. I might actually bother with this based on the reaction so far and the fact that I won't have to deal with subtitles.



    Screenshot 2022-06-28 at 1.01.25 PM.png
  7. Is it ok in France to lip sync and take off your shoes? The wrong queen went home, and didn’t even deserve to be in the bottom in the first place.

    I liked the runway and the winner was correct.
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  8. It would have been nice to have a Queen that is actually into fashion, crazy that no one mentioned The Fifth Element.
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  9. “Déballer vos bijoux” quite literally means untuck your balls ddd

    All in all a solid episode. Soa for the win. I’m getting “hot boy who’s been told he’s hot too many times” from La Grande Dame so we’ll see.
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  10. I loved the episode, Nicky seems to be more comfortable in her role already and the acting challenge was fun, but
    Soa in the bottom was nonsense. I thought she did really well in the challenge and deserved to be safe at the very least. Lolita Banana and Paloma were the standouts for me so that was a perfect top 2. Oh and the right person left... Jesus, that lipsync.

    Also, ultimate bop:
  11. This was fun! It’s actually the first non-English season I’ve seen and it’s kinda nice to not be totally “in” on the in-jokes, to not get everything. It reminds me of watching early US series actually nn in that I didn’t know the lingo or references. That’s a reach but still! I’ll stick with it for a while at least. It makes me want to go to Paris.
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  12. Watch Spain!!
  13. Season 1
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  14. Dalida reference in the first episode and Lady Oscar reference in the second episode? @Ana Raquel- we keep winning!!!!

    Edit - and Saint Seiya!! Wow Bethenny Wow!!!
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  15. It's only a small thing but I was left incredulous. When Marianne entered and La Habanera from Carmen was playing, the subtitles said 'La Boheme on Soundtrack,' an Italian opera! It's just the sort of thing I notice.
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  16. A&E


    This is a really enjoyable series so far – obviously save for the subtitles (SIX instances of [French Expression] during the runway in the new episode?) but then the personalities and talents shine despite that.

    @NecessaryVoodoo pointed out to me that the fake movie posters on the acting challenge set included Tempest du Jour's stock photos (a collection featuring such hits as "Doubting drag queen with wig frowning in theater")
  17. I was so impressed by Paloma this week.
    I don't why La Grande Dame took that role, it was the biggest but it was also the unfunniest one.
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  18. Does someone need to tell these queens that you don’t take wigs and shoes off for a lip sync?

    The acting challenge for France was a lot more enjoyable than the US acting challenge this week.
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  19. The French girls are really bringing the lewks. Kam is giving me Farrah Moan but Parisian. This season feels refreshing. When I think about French queens, I think of Paloma. SOA IS A STAR.

    But beeetchhh, when I saw this mug + face, I GASPED...


    And Nicky is doing a very good job hosting this.
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  20. Are you fucking kidding me

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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