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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. I mean the episode Vivaldi got her win was Snatch Game so having a phone could have helped with last minute preparation, which the others won't have had.
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  2. OK but still, Vivaldi leaving over Tabitha would not make sense.
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  3. I have SUCH a crush on Reggy B ddd.
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  4. Well... I did not see that coming.
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  5. Noooo I was waiting for a joint you know what, why not have all 4 there?
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  6. Wait, what just happened? What a mess.

  7. Abby OMG going Final 4 and Keta not...
  8. They were all saying how they didn’t want to go against Keta as she’s a performance machine, but her lip sync was not good at all.
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  9. I was really only hanging on for Keta's sake and they went and did that?

    That judging was terrible - we're giving the win to one of you for the performance alone and putting another one of you in the bottom specifically for.... your runway (after giving a more than serviceable performance)? They all looked pretty uncomfortable with the result.
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  10. They really wanna crown that phone girl or judging by what has been said by other countries queens it's
    who is a winner baby.
  11. That or they did all they could to not crown two queens with the same name for the first time. Let alone within a year.
  12. Un-fucking-believable. Keta deserved the crown. No one in the top three deserves it at this point.
  13. That elimination made no sense whatsoever. Rigged more than the US version. She’s in good company tho.


    legends only.
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  14. Pls don't spoil things, even if it's vague - thanks!
  15. The judging this season has been the least consecuent of any edition.
    It’s just…ridiculous. So much that has tainted the whole experience (it also doesn’t help that is has not been specially fun or full of personality)
    Lots of talent but not to sustain the whole season
  16. Ok so just finished the final..

    Some nice production changes from the other countries, loved that Envy was on the panel.

    The right Queen won, she absolutely dominated the final and delivered an outstanding final lipsync

    For my tastes apart from All Stars I’m all about the international versions now. It’s where I see the creativity and talent I think Season 13 has dampened any wish to watch further new US standard seasons. I fear that part of the franchise has started to eat itself now.
  17. Yup this was rigged from the get go.

    I would've been fine with it if it weren't for that micro-aggressive racist remark disguised as shade from her tho.

    Keta was the true winner. But since she's half Indonesian maybe that's not good enough for production. Very gross season.
  18. I'm so happy for Vanessa, she was brilliant in the finale from her runway to her lip sync and her story was so strong.
  19. Vanessa looking like the campest Cenobite in the underworld.
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