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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jul 26, 2020.

  1. So... Roem had to change her Queen look?

  2. I'm here for a Medusa look and it's good from the waist up but I still don't like those boots.
  3. Where can I watch this online, using my KPN stuffs or? I'm based in the Netherlands but don't have a tv-hee-hee.
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  4. Is there somewhere to watch this with subtitles that doesn’t involve giving WOW my money? Was hoping it would come to the BBC in the UK!
  5. Just google it and include Reddit, vimeo or Dailymotion on your search?

    I'd get Wow if I were you, yes they are problematic but also employ lots of queens.
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  6. I had a few laughs during the mini challenge but during the lipsync I was finding the host more entertaining than the queens.
  7. If you told me Sederginne was 60 I would have believed you. In and out of drag.
  8. This was a fun-filled snappy little hour and it also shows that it might be time to cut the format's run time down again. I have a feeling WOW saw the errors of the Canadian production team and righted a lot of wrongs when consulting the dutch crew. Fred is a delight, the judging is succinct and makes sense, there's no runtime padding and filler moments (those 15minute mini-challenges were really exhausting).

    Sederginne, 26? Girl....lol
    I love Miss Abby OMG and Envy Peru. Top two please, with Chelsea and Janey fighting for the third spot.
    Patty Pam Pam surprised me and I do like Madame Madness, to be honest I really liked all the girls and kind of fancy too many of them out of drag including Fred.
    Megan Schoonbrood's confessional look reminds me of a british celeb, I can't puty my finger on it. Maybe Jade Goody circa CBB.
  9. I am surprised to see Miss Abby spontaneously combust so soon. Girl, it's not that serious.

    Envy Peru effortlessly slaying these children warms my heart.

    I was so tense during the lipsynch, but really happy when Madame slayed it. She is so damn cute.

    The challenge was fantastic.

    Really great episode overall.
  10. I definitely preferred the second episode but was a bit shocked with the eliminee?
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  11. This was an exiting episode that had me gagging but I was sad at the eliminated queen. I sent her a direct message on Instagram and I hope she keeps posting her runway looks. I loved her painted look.
  12. Yeah I was shocked. Especially as she wasn't featured too much in the episode and Madame basically gave her whole story in the first part of the episode.

    I love the workout video challenge. I wish we had seen more of it and they had critiqued it more on the runway. It kinda feels like the main emphasis is on the runway.

    I'm going to be intrigued to see if they keep reusing songs from Drag Race USA for the lip syncs.

    Abby needs to go unless she actually starts causing some fun drama. Popping off in the confessionals is not the one.

    Overall it was a good episode and I'm enjoying it.

    Trying to decide if next week is improv or a scripted acting challenge.
  13. I have no idea what the runway was about. And I thought the workout was them filming it and it'd be shown? I am confusion every time I watch this show ññ

    Happy that Madness stayed tho!
  14. Yeah it felt a bit odd that the workout had very little impact other than .... go on you can be safe, I remember you making me crack a smile yesterday.

    really Envy’s team should have won, which I think would have had Patty safe?

    some of the looks were honestly gagworthy. Art. Some were not.
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  15. I was surprised to see the eliminated queen basically give up, after having watched a clip of her juggling fire barefeet in the streets of Amsterday on the IMHO cast review. Maybe she wasn't in the right competition headspace. It do take nerve. Even Megan was literally shooketh during the critiques.
  16. Abby OMG is so hot as a boy.
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  17. Envy Peru and Ma'am Queen are my faves.
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  18. Baga Chipz really thinks she's slick turning up to set calling herself Megan...
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  19. I was hoping you'd be a contestant!

    That's €18,000 more than Vivienne got!
  20. good for her!
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