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Drag Race Italia

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. The entire series felt like I was watching it recorded via an italian twink's iPhone 5S while their family was eating.
  2. This series will only be remembered for TRUCK DRIVER + the mess that was ENORMA. Italy, you have a lot to answer for.
  3. Just seen most of the cast at pride and wow, what amazing performers they are and what a crime the show couldn't reflect that for the most part. In particular Divinity did an excellent Beyoncé medley and Farida had the crowd wild with a Barbra Streisand dance number.
  4. I can't believe this was renewed. Are we ready for more torture and FIVE hour episodes?
  5. Probably my least favourite one (including down under). This is renewed whilst Holland seemingly cancelled?
  6. For anyone who cares:

    Season 2 premiers 20th October, 10 Queens this time:

    Aura Eternal
    La Diamond
    Panthera Virus
    La Petit Noir
    Tanissa Yoncè
  7. I definitely will be watching series 2. Priscilla, Chiara Francini and Tommaso Zorz were a delight to watch.

    Good thing Michelle's offer to be on the judging panel was kindly declined. She wouldn't approve of their outfits on this promo.

  8. Editors pls do YOUR JOB THIS SEASON!
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  9. MTQ videos are up now on WOW Presents too.
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  10. So, the episode's out, what do we think of that ladies?

    Starting from the positives, I like that they gave feedback to aleveryone and clearly stated tops and bottoms. I also like most queen's and think each of them has something going for them that can set them apart.

    That being said, pacing is still slow, runway section felt like an LSD dream, but most of all, the judging was extremely bizarre, apart from the winner and the eliminated queen none of it made sense, and they didn't even particularly bother to make it so.

    A pretty standard Drag Race Italia episode then dd let's hope for the best
  11. The Virus lady being in the top and not the bottom is one of the strangest decisions on a Drag Race for a while.
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  12. Or not. I'm very confused how at the Top 10 they got very positive critique and wasn't called safe. Then is in the bottom 2.

    The queen from New York has awful make up. I can see why they wear a mask so much.
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  13. Phew season 2 already 100% better than 1.
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  14. I watched ep.1 last night and I have to say, I am excited to see how series 2 unfolds. Fingers crossed for some interesting drag and not too much of the beauty queen drag. Always a pleasure to see Tommaso's cheeky smile.
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  15. It is much better than UK Drag Race S4. Starting to think the worst thing about Drag Race is RuPaul - particularly the mind games. The franchises without them are far more enjoyable.
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  16. No, they said no.
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  17. Drag Race Italia is a Ballandi production for RealTime—which is to say the company behind Ballando con le stelle producing reality TV for the home of Il salone delle meraviglie, Il castello delle cerimonie e voiced-over TLC shows. There was no chance in hell a polished, impeccably-paced international eleganza stravaganza was ever going to happen, and it never will, unless another production company picks it up.

    But at this point, who gives at shit about lights, cuts and the judges' decisions? It's the queens who make this season a total riot. I don't think I've ever laughed at Drag Race so much before and many of the girls are serving exquisite looks on the runway—it is true this franchise in particular requires high proficiency in Italian language\culture to be enjoyed fully but that can be said of virtually all the non-Anglophone versions of the show. Give me this stupid, joyful mess over any recent season with Ru in it.
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  18. This Snatch Game was genuinely great, even the weaker ones landed some solid jokes.

    Nehellenia was robbed, her Elenoire was spot on, the makeup and all the mannerisms were great.

    Gioffrè's runways are... there... but the penguin was so dumb with those extremely stupid jokes, I loved every minute of it, it does take nerve.
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  19. Le ragazze said: "you guys need some killer performances" and they did. And they did.
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  20. I watched the latest episode of Drag Race UK and then this back to back and the former felt like such miserable slog dd. It was giving Charles Dickens mama.

    This though, what a season, what a set of queens. Incredibile!!

    I mean...

    Screenshot 2022-11-05 at 1.47.01 PM.png
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