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Drag Race Italia

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Vasilios, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. Rosso di sera,

    Grishdina Aguilera.
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  2. I SCREAMED at that
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  3. I've always wondered, what do you non-Italian guys think of our Snatch Game. Basically you don't know any of the characters that are portrait in it.
  4. We sometimes don’t know half of the American ones so it’s fine
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  5. Great point
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  6. Still waiting for someone to do Sabrina though
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  7. Sadly she ain't that funny and she isn't a TV personality so I think is very unlikely that someone will play her in a future (if there will be another) Snatch Game
  8. Il Pinguino was genius.
  9. They could do Pool Sabrina, with the swimsuit and balloons, throwing water on their t-shirt, having cocktails. Have some lyrics as replies. It could work.
  10. It's so difficult to FINISH one episode. I'm still dragging to watch the third.
  11. Lord the judging this week.

    Send home the person who clearly won the lip sync and didn't dedrag during it because it was her third one okay...

    Honestly between this and UK4 I don't know what judging has been worse.
  12. A Sabrina Rusical would be much better than a Lady Gaga one.
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  13. None of the two in the bottom should have been there in first place based on the runaway looks alone.
  14. ssa


    Love how this is on page 4 or so and España is constantly way higher.

    I have no real comments to be honest, just beating this dead horse to say the lipsync song was a terrible choice for a lipsync but also long overdue.
    Best thing Italy's ever created. Da Vinci who?
  15. We finally got rid of them (well - I am up to the Sports episode), and the lipsyncs were really not Gioffré’s forte!

    Love all of the remaining 5 for different reasons - but pulling for my Sailor Moon hunty <333
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  16. Great episode this week…. the roast did a fabulous job of making the (very present…) judges super personable.
  17. Agreed!! An excellent Top 5! Aura really killed that roast too!
  18. Agreed - also, wonderful to see a Drag Race crossover with Supremme De Luxe sitting next to Priscilla.
  19. Season (probably Series) Finale tomorrow.

    If you want some tea, it's under the spoiler tag:

    • Top 04 will goes into top 03 leaving La Petite Noire behind.
    • Nehellenia will win Miss Congeniality and Luquisha Lubamba will return to announce it.
    • Elecktra will come back to pass the crown (actually just the scepter) and seems like she is pissed because Priscilla didn't let her crown the winner(s).
    • All the eliminated queens come back for an appearance in the video and on the main stage (that is not a big surprise).
    • Words on the street says that Aura will win this, because that's what production/MAC wants. She will also appear on the next season of Queen of The Universe (she already shot this).
  20. Why are we thinking this will be the Series finale. Season 2 was such a step up it would be a shame to lose a third version of the show after just 2 Seasons.
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