Drag Race Italia

Why are we thinking this will be the Series finale. Season 2 was such a step up it would be a shame to lose a third version of the show after just 2 Seasons.

The rumor is that WOW always sells the rights for 2 seasons, so it has to be renewed this year.
Before the show there was this strong rumor that it won't be renewed, but now this has been dismissed. Still we won't know anything for sure until January 2023.
Aura gives off an almost identical energy to Elektra which I can’t define other than it’s super…. Italian. I would not be surprised with her winning at all.
This show was kinda thrown under the bus from the very start (a streaming exclusive on a platform that the whole of 27 people previously used, linked to a relatively niche TV channel), so the cancellation rumour is not exactly shocking, but it's still very frustrating. This season has picked up wonderfully and it's really blossomed into a very nice show. I hope they can go on somehow, I don't know, maybe a proper prime TV slot wouldn't hurt.
I thought that it all came together at the end of this season - the last couple of episodes in particular. There was a real warmth from Priscilla, Chiara and Tommaso. They work well together and, from all the franchises I've seen, I think they are my favourite team. It feels like it is on an upward trajectory.
Some of the mini-tasks looked very cheap - but it was more fun than the 'sowing the seeds of doubt' schtick of Drag Race UK Season 4.
I’ve just watched the finale. I think Gioffre is probably one of the worst queens I’ve ever seen. Was he kept because of his looks? Petite Noir was my favourite and absolutely the best looking out of drag I’ve seen in a long time.
We have full tea for this season girls. Anyway this should have been announced last week but for some reason it was not, probably WoW is trying not to put everything out at the same time, with Germany and Brazil about to start...

Promo theme is "Colori della Bandiera" (Flag Colors - Green White and Red) so I guess we will get a promo just as similar as Brazil, Mexico, Germany.

Strong rumors about an All Star season to be recorded in November.
They really need to start doing this because I've heard some Drag Race Superfans begin to get fatigue, and they're spreading themselves too thin. I think the seasons should be more staggered throughout the year.

The issue is there are now more than 52 episodes a year (probably) I don't remember the last time we had a week without any kind of new drag race.

So unless we start getting smaller seasons. Which wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing. There is always going to be at least 2 if not 3 airing at the same time.

I guess this is why Canada is also not airing over the summer this year too. I assume it will be on around the same time as UK instead.
Here for it. I am loving Vanessa VC and Elecktra on the RAI celebrity thing…I think it’s a few months old but only getting a delayed broadcast here now.