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Drag Race Music

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by andymc35, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Most importantly: AllStars4 winner released new music!!!!

    Edit: I was wrong by just one season.
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  2. Help, I can't stop listening to this. A bop.

  3. This has to be my favorite Drag Race single of all time. I tried entering it in PJSC this past round and it got veto'd for being too good.

  4. Any new drag race music?
    Bebe just released this!

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  5. I live for BeBe. This is wonderful stuff.
  6. Monique has great esthetique!

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  7. Not sure there’s a better thread for this as it was the best one I found but here goes! Violet Chachki just dropped a low key bop with Allie X:

    The video gives me all the VHS future retro glam bot vibes I need, I love it:
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  8. She hasn’t long done with Daddy Squad (who’s the producer from Monarchy) which I loved! Will check this out.
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  9. This is a good pop song but unpopular opinion incoming…I don’t think Courtney has a very good voice. I always found it funny that her and Adore were pushed as the ‘singers’ of drag race. I don’t think either of them have particularly strong voices.
  10. I always wonder if a Rugirl will ever sign with a big label and have a go at being a proper popstar. The only one I thought might was Adore way back in like 2015 but I don't think that's really on the horizon for her anymore. I feel like it's inevitable at this point considering how big the show has become - and it would be really interesting too see how the major label world treated a drag queen in this climate.
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  11. It’s coming.
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  12. I really want a major label to snap up national treasure Tia Kofi. She's yet to release a bad song. Outside In (Until Dawn Mix) was THE song of 2021 in my eyes and Get Better is shaping up to be the same for 2022.
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  13. I could see her doing well in the UK, she does have the bops and she seems to have a good agent since she's always popping up on TV shows and stuff, so much so that my dad recognises her!
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  14. Bimini stands a chance, surely?
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  15. These are both fantastic.

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  16. Ladies, it’s (almost) summertime. Time to wash your pussy twerk uncontrollably to this anthem for the ages, which is still fresh as new:

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