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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. You know the producers did that and then brought Shangela's attention to it from under the table like some stale S4 drama.
  2. Here's one for the 'unexpected' pile...

  3. *Jasmine Masters voice* Panties and bras
  4. [​IMG]
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  5. Drag queens in overreacting-acting-petty-giving-us-the-dramz-SHOCK!!!1!!1 when most of us were complaining about the lack of ANY of that the previous seasons.
  6. I don’t think Trixie was that surprised about Milky leaving, but more about her being the one leaving when the other choice was Chi Chi (who has been at the bottom since the show started).
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  7. Of course!
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  8. But Milk deserved to be in the bottom for the first 3 episodes and Chi Chi only deserved it for 2.
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  9. I was going to say the same.

    Does anyone else only refer to Milk as TheBigAndMilky now? Queen Shangela ha impact!
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  10. Unfortunately, the format of All Stars means that we sometimes get to see queens go home that don't deserve it.

    That isn't the case with Milk.

  11. I mixed two fandoms in my post. Oops.

    Anyway, I'm not saying Milk didn't deserve to go, but Chi Chi was literally asking to be given the chop.
  12. Yikes, Shangela cracked Trixie's fan friendly demeanour so easily, Trixie was pressed about Shangela not wanting to read shit about herself. That 5 minute preview was not cute for her.
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  13. But Trixie fans are already shouting SHANGELA IS OVERREACTING when you can clearly see that Shangela was taking the piss and not taking it as seriously as Trixie.

    Trixie looked like she just got exposed and was scrambling to defend when Shangela was being her usual messy self.
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  14. She looked like a deer in the headlights when Shangela challenged her on why she put it on the wall for everyone to see. I'm not a Trixie hater by any means but that was not a cute look for her at all. She knew exactly what she was doing.
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  15. Those Trixie fans are going to be fucking insufferable when we get down to the final 5/4 aren't they?

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  16. You think Trixie has a fan friendly demeanour?
  17. Imagine doing @HollyDunnSomething like this
  18. 100% yes.
  19. I like Trixie a lot, but you know I'm talking about the 14 year old white girls who also stan Sasha Velour.
  20. I mean you couldn't have described me better if you tried.
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