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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Even after all the confessionals they've showed so far?
  2. So is the twist of the Snatch Game having Carson and Michelle play with them?
  3. I realise that people will think I can't offer an impartial opinion when it comes to Trixie... But I feel like it's a little unfair the way people put her down for having a 14-year old white girl fanbase. Even before the season aired people were saying she didn't deserve to win just because she's the most popular, literally without seeing an episode.
  4. Likewise, people have said she should win because she's the most popular.

    Holly, I like you and you seem nice. I don't want you to feel like I'm kicking into your friend. I don't know Trixie. I don't mean to 'drag' her with disses about her tween white girl fanbase, because having that fanbase isn't a bad thing at all. I write fiction for young people, so I understand I'm writing fmy first book for adults right now to make more £££. From my view in the periphery, there is a concern within your community about an art-form that was once transgressive now being turned into something a bit commercialized and safe - that's where Trixie comes in, unfortunately. Rightly or wrongly, Trixie and Sasha are the faces of that commercialization. But then (and here's me being slightly contrary) is it a bad thing when the underground is brought up into the mainstream? Surely it's good for drag queens in general that they can make careers in the public eye? It's a really complex debate that isn't for this thread, and quite frankly (as you can probably tell) I'm not sure what I think about it all. Months ago I posted that we'll see bio-queens competing soon. It's inevitable now that the fanbase is massively white and female.
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  5. Being fair I think Trixie seems a little more down to earth and aware of herself than Sasha.
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  6. ''That's super invasive!!''

    Sis, it's an open plan room...
  7. Thank you, I like you too.

    Honestly I don't care that people have negative opinions on Trixie, that's their prerogative. I was just saying I know that if I say anything positive the mindset from some (most?) will be "Oh well of course you'd say that". Saying anyone should/shouldn't win before a season has even aired is just preposterous if you haven't seen how they have competed.

    It's also frustrating because other stuff is coming and I know everyone will have an opinion on it but it's not my place to jump in and tell them that they don't know the real story because a) people won't care and will make up their own minds and b) again with the thinking I can't be unbiased.
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  8. Wait, where is this quote from?
  9. okay but now that i've seen an episode, she doesn't deserve to win.
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  10. He


    Twitter fans comments on the note-stuff.
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  11. Great. I'll remind you of this when she wins AS3 and then comes back and wins the All Stars winners season.
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  12. Remind me all you like, we don't like Sasha here and she won sew actually winning means nothing to the PJ gherls x
  13. Stay stanning flops sis. x
  14. You're her pal so you will be biased, of course. That's no problem for me. We all know the contest is going to end with Trixie winning, regardless. I'm still intetested to see how it plays out and you can spill T at your leisure!
  15. Does anybody deserve to win with Bendela there?

    I think the note didn't warrant Shangela's reaction or Kennedy's additional support for Shangie. It's a note Thorgy left for Trixie. Too bad Shangela finds herself attacked but she should take that up with Thorgy.
  16. Imagine doing yourself dirty like that
  17. I can still be impartial. I can see why she wasn't top 2 last week and I told her that the bowl cut is disgusting and that she should burn it.
  18. That was kinda my point. Kii.
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  20. Oh. I think the tweet was added after I saw the original post.
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