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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Oh I know that, but in a ideal world there should be a bigger gap inbetween the All Stars seasons. It's gonna get to All Stars 6 and the whole point of All Stars will be defeated.
  2. VH1 won't really care about stuff like maintaining the integrity of All Stars, they'll just care about getting as many seasons out as possible while the iron is hot. Caring about the prestige of the AS format is just fan hand-wringing.

    I wish Courtney would steer clear of it though, the way she's been treated by Ru is disgraceful. Can't see Vanjie making All Stars but I'd put my house on her making Season 11.
  3. What way would that be?
    I'm sure they want those CBB fans tuning in.
    Having Adore with her would be nice since they were both S6 finalists.

    Hoping Laganja and Max give it another go.
  4. I don't trust Ru not to fuck Courtney over in a really nasty way.
  5. I can't really see Courntey doing it as she doesn't need to but I guess the more exposure the better?
  6. I'd be up for All Stars 4 after season 11 with the regular format and a AS2-level cast.
  7. It just has to happen, doesn't it? A Shangela-esque Ru-demption.
  8. Ru loves Vanjie. I'm sure she'll be back.
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  9. How has Ru treated Courtney poorly?
  10. Blocked her on Twitter. But Courtney called out Ru for problematic comments so I wouldn't call that poor treatment just really petty behavior
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  11. If Courtney goes into All Stars 4, she has to win it. She's arguably the biggest actual mainstream star to come out of the show.
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  12. I'm worried Trixie will return and unjustly steal her win too! In all seriousness, I think Courtney should win. She deserves it more than Valentina or anyone else.
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  13. Valentina doesn't deserve it.

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  14. I love Courtney with all my heart but we need a PoC All Stars Winner.
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  15. Uno


    Is Mayhem leaving next?
  16. Reddit seems pretty convinced it’s The Vixen sending Mayhem home this week.
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  17. Uno


    Sounds like another epic lipsync. I'm here for it.

    Blair leaves right after her, right? So she'll perhaps be in the Bottom 3 this week to set up her leaving next week, since she's been doing so well otherwise.
  18. So Monique has confirmed that she makes it to Snatch Game (along with Monet)!

    The rumour is that she gets eliminated in a Stand Up comedy challenge in episode 7, which will almost certainly be iconic if true.
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  19. Do we have any tea on who is doing who for Snatch Game?
  20. I hope there are lots of tears.

    The Vixen being in the bottom two might make her a bit humbler... or even more aggressive.

    Quoting here this message that has the latest (I think?) T:

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