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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. The only recurring rumour I’ve seen so far is Aquaria doing Melania Trump, and supposedly killing it.

    There was another fleeting rumour that Asia is doing Whitney Houston.
  2. If they don't pull shenanigans like with last year's top 4 and do a true top 3, it's definitely gonna be Asia/Aquaria's season to lose. Unless they throw a wrench in it all and give it to Eureka so they can have their first big girl be crowned winner
  3. [​IMG]

    It's obviously going to be Aquaria or Asia.
    And I think it's going down to Asia, first pageant winner and blablabla.

    Aquaria was already big before Drag Race.

    She had already 200k followers on IG before the cast was announced (for comparison, Kennedy Davenport has 193k today) and she was already doing top alumni stuff before the premiere (after party for Hell on Heels in October, modelling for Nicopanda, etc.).

    Asia could be a timely winner after the robbery of not one but two black contestants in AS3 and the whole conversation on racial issues in the fandom that Vixen initiated.

    But I guess it all depends on the finale format and what/how they do there.
    If she does a Shea, well, bye.

    PS: Also, on IG followers I found this:


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  4. Uno


    I'm honestly shook at the idea of Blair screwing up Snatch Game of all challenges. She has done so well up until now, and if there was any challenge I'd think she'd absolutely kill it would be Snatch Game.
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  5. I really worry that Asia not taking off on social media is gonna essentially hand the win to Aquaria, especially if the rumors are true that Aquaria doesn’t even lip sync.

    I know social media winners don’t always take the crown, but Kim Chi, Pearl and Adore didn’t have the same gap in popularity that Aquaria has so far.
  6. If this occurs, she’ll have joined the rather fabled Max/Acid Betty slot. Strong start, mildly shocking exit with a Snatch Game crash and burn.

    I’ve been worried about this too, but ever since her good edit in the last episode, her Instagram did take a little jump. After a few more weeks of whittling away a few other queens, the 60 min episodes will really be able to shine more of a light on individual personalities. Given the fairly positive edit she’s received thus far, I think she’ll receive more of a surge in the second half of the season.

    She also seems to be popular with a lot of the S10 cast (Aquaria has had her featuring a lot on her recent Instagram stories), and alumni, so that’ll feed new fans in too. The main thing she should focus on is delivering looks, and good photos on her account - there are some Drag Race queens that I love, but actively choose not to follow on Instagram because all they do is post about whichever bar they’re playing at that night etc. I understand the necessity for it, but it is a bit messy on the eye, and doesn’t really inspire a follow on what is essentially a very visual platform. Save it for your stories.
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  7. Queen.

    Asia is a hit or miss with her feed:
    She can give you

    and she can give you

    Still, if she gets a couple of wins throughout the seasons and Aquaria isn't too far ahead like Shea was, I hope Ru crows the deserving queen and not just the most popular.
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  8. I want Aquaria or Asia to win, so I'm hopeful they end up together in the Top Three.
  9. Truly I’d be far more into Aquaria winning if a much more average arty New York queen hadn’t just won.
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  10. You’re wrong about most Drag Race-related things and I’m sure this is no exception x
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  11. The idea of Eureka or Aquaria winning this season genuinely makes me want to be sick.
  12. I saw this and it was so cute. Aquaria referring to her exclusively as "rich woman" had me rolling
  13. Asia's the one for me. What are we basing Aquaria possibly winning on, the last episode? C still not detected, so it's a hard pass for me.
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  15. oh baby nooo.
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  16. Ddddd I got mixed up too.
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  17. Oh, and on top of this, it’s rumoured that Eureka is doing Honey Boo Boo. Groundbreaking.

    At a viewing party, she referred to an upcoming moment where Ru nearly gags (not in the good way) when she squirts ketchup down her throat during a challenge. It makes sense if this is during Snatch Game.
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  18. When I saw Eureka on the S9 tour she said she was going to do Honey Boo Boo so I'm sure she will do that. I saw somewhere Rebel Wilson was an alternate?
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  19. If he can pull it off, that could be hilarious.

  20. I don’t see it for ha but okay.
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