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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I don’t really like Eureka but I saw her perform last summer and she turned it out for one of her numbers. It might just be a really good performance.
  2. It was revealed (I can’t find the source but it was big on reddit at the time) that Eureka was never actually given any medical attention in regards to her injury. They bandaged her up, gave her a crutch and sent her on her way. When she got worse they finally took her to see a professional. Because they didn’t take her immediately, they broke the law and she is able to sue.
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  3. She can sue even if it happened almost two years ago?

    Still, maybe WOW helped with the surgery stuff and/or looked for a quiet settlement between the parts to avoid drama.
    So... yeah, maybe making the finale is part of that. *sigh*

    I just don't think Eureka would sue them thinking she'd get out unscathed.

    So I really really hope we don't see her in AS4 or 5 or anything.
    Two seasons of her have been more than enough.
  4. I read it was Kameron and Aquaria. The Reddit tea is confusing!
  5. I've only ever read Kameron and Eureka.
  6. Some photos were doing the rounds and Aquaria seemed quite glum in one. The theme seemed to be silver Max hair. It was on YouTube too. Cracker wins, according to that tea. I don't know.
  7. I’d be quite up for seeing Aquaria lipsync so either scenario would be fine.
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  8. This week's theme looks to be geriatric. In the Vixen's 'Whatcha Packin' they show a prehistoric themed dress, which is something that's come up multiple times in the workroom throughout various eliminations.

    Could the later ball episode be either prehistoric themed or like a past/present/future thing?
  9. The theme is old age/ageing gracefully or something apparently. Not silver Max hair.
  10. Old age, gray/white hair. It makes sense now. I literally saw a blurry shot of some queens. I think we're getting another good runway.
  11. The general consensus is that:

    - The win is between Eureka and Asia this week, with the latter more likely to achieve her 'comeback' arc that is now really needed for her finale placement.
    - Cracker and Aquaria are probably in the middle of the pack.
    - Runway is the 'silver foxy' runway that was predicted (looked aged). Monét's look is... interesting.
    - The bottom two will be Monét (who struggles to be 'funny') and Kameron (who struggles with shyness/lines), with Monét being sent home. Monét is shooting a music video this week (like Dusty did on the week of her elimination), so people think this could be to capitalise on her exit.
    - The double shantay will occur next week (between Kameron and Eureka). People think this could be the makeover challenge, given that it's technically top five, but that's unconfirmed. Cracker is a good seamstress, so this seems like a decent last shot for her to snatch a win before her elimination the week after to Kameron.

    Other news:

    - The prehistoric runway keeps cropping up (Vixen had an appropriate outfit shown in Whatcha Packin', Mayhem had one in the Work Room), but it's unclear whether it was cut or not.
    - Latrice mentioned at Drag Con that she was asked to do AS3 (the casting process for that season seemed to be an absolute clusterfuck), but declined. She says she'd be open to doing future seasons though, so there's a chance we could see big AS1 names back in the mix (Manila would surely be a top priority here).
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  12. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Monet is a mess.
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  13. Monet is leaving this week?

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  14. I'm betting that Asia wins this week, so the 3 frontrunners will have each won 2 challenges
  15. [​IMG]
  16. [​IMG]


    Also, it's pretty much confirmed now that this week is:

    High: Asia, Eureka, Aquaria (with possibly one or two winning - I imagine Asia will definitely claim a win in some capacity here)
    Low: Miz Cracker
    Bottom Two: Monét and Kameron, with Monét leaving.
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  17. Super excited to finally watch Kameron lipsyncing. And against Monet. Don't let me down, girls.
  18. So there's no chance of Cracker getting in a win before she leaves then?
  19. It's looking... iffy. If speculation is correct, and next week is the top 5 makeover challenge, she does stand a chance in a) being a good seamstress, and b) having a definable aesthetic/brand, but the following week is when she's due to be eliminated, so episode 10 will likely be her last chance. That being said, I could see another win stacking up for Asia/Aquaria/Eureka, as they're all meant to be pretty level upon entering the finale, and potentially two of them will win this week.

    I'm not sure what would be more heartbreaking - seeing Cracker never achieve a win, or seeing her finally achieve one in episode 10, only to crash out the week after.
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  20. So what is the exact date we're expecting Cracker to go home? I'm going to have to provide emotional support to my friends at the viewing party that night and need my schedule to be open
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