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Drag Race T Thread: AS4/S11 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Why are we assuming there will be a talent show. It would be boring to do that a third time in a row. I think they’ve realized it might need a revamp
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    The talent show is the last thing that needs revamping in the All Stars format....
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  3. Snatch Game's 12th edition found rotted.
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  4. They could and should do away with that to
  5. I actually like the Talent Show, it gives us a reason to see why they are in fact *All Stars*, plus it gives also such great car crashes performances, so it is a good challenge overall
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  6. The talent show shouldn’t just be for All Stars either, I think it’d be a great first challenge for the regular series.
  7. BTG


    The talent show is the most relevant task in the series. It’s designed to show what a queen thinks they excel in, free from producer manipulation and scripted challenges.
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  8. Talent Show is great and should stay. Doing a good Snatch Game is a very specific skill. The only restrictions in a talent show are if the contestants have... no talent to show. There are still infinite ways they can impress us.

    It’s extra relevant on All Stars when most of these girls have been out there making coin off the back of the Drag Race brand.
  9. The Talent Show must remain!

    "I've found my home Cameroooooon she is Cameroon Cameroooooooon..."

  10. That performance by Bebe was probably the only time I thought she was good on AS3
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  11. Wasn't she hilarious forcing the other queens into thankless servitude? Or defying protocol by refusing to show Trixie her name on the lipstick? The time Adam Lambert gagged at her graceful presence? Rrrrra-ka-ta-ti-ti-ta-ta/Yeah, I'm pussy, bitch?

    Am I wrong to say that Bebe provided the iconic/meme worthy moment of All Stars 3 with her Jungle Kitty verse?
  12. The talent show gave us Aja doing a death drop that could've actually killed her. It's great.
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  13. I hate the ‘I’M PUSSY BITCH’ line only because my husband says it all the time and quite frankly, I want him to Aja death drop when he does it.
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  14. Kim Chi gonna give us velcro as a talent.
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  15. Kim Chi’s talent will be that she can walk in heels now. Michelle will cackle, Ru will wheez, Kim will win the challenge and we will all seethe.
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  16. Can she walk in heels now though? Has anyone been to her shows who can confirm?
  17. I would quite literally get more entertainment out of watching paint dry.
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  18. Pissed that Mariah isn’t on.
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  19. Kim Chi is super funny on social media so hopefully she brings some of that to AS4.

    Naomi Smalls though? Keep it.
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  20. Kim always managed herself well through acting and comedy challenges. I think she even got praise for the lip sync challenge, so if this All Stars they go down a similar route of a lip sync challenge, ball, acting challenges and a roast, she'll float along just nicely. But indeed there is nothing obvious she could do well in the Talent Show, but hopefully she does something unexpected and different. Like I picture if Bianca had to partake, she would do that make-a-dress-in-one-minute thing.

    I am rewatching Season Nine and it turned out to be one of the better seasons to rewatch, which I didn't expect. And now I fully see what a force Valentina is. Rumours about her behaviour aside, she is perfect. She looks immaculate, holds herself well and is such a character. She is not doing anything groundbreaking, but everything she does is so perfectly presented. "The excitement of smiling and the thrill of just standing there" and that is all we need from her.
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