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Drag Race Thailand

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Thailand, start your engines... And may the best crossdresser make it to the end.

    Subtitled master list below.
    Get into the phenomenon, sis.

    So last week, we saw pictures from the set; the werk room and runway.
    And now, the cast has been revealed!
    From what I can ascertain, Drag Race Thailand will feature ten contestants and two host queens (Obviously, the full details haven't been published yet, but I will update as I learn.)


    From left to right;

    Dearis Doll
    Natalia Pliacam
    Bunny Be Fly
    Année Maywong
    Pangina Heals (Co-host)
    Art Arya (Host)
    Meannie Minaj
    B Ella
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  2. This looks better than All Stars 3!
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  3. Mmmm no.
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  4. I'm excited for my Asian sisters but some outfits on that promo shot, GURLLL, you better bring your A-GAME, if you wanna win.
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  5. Phew.
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  6. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    Would be great if the episodes got uploaded to WOW on YouTube with subtitles!

    (But as I type it out I realise these'll probably be on WOW Presents Plus)
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  7. I don't speak a lick of Thai, but Art is beautiful to look at
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  8. If there are English subtitles and it's available online I will definitely give it a watch.
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  9. Unfortunately, I do not speak Thai. I been knew Thai drag queens are fishy as fook though.
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  10. Video with some facts on the girls, including the premiere date.

    February 15.
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  11. Dearis is cute!
  12. Official teaser trailer
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  13. Damn, the pit crew of Drag Race Thailand is quite something.

    There is also a new trailer showing plenty of footage from the show.

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  14. Oh shit. Bryce hew?
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  15. This ... actually looks lit? If there’s a fan sub, I might watch.
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  16. So who are the judges? does anyone know? and has it started yet?

    I'd love to watch so if anyone finds out more info HIT ME UP.
  17. I don’t think we need subs since we all speak kunt, but “I want a drink from the tap” issa moment.

    Can’t wait to start using Thai drags as reaction gifs!
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  18. It starts on the 15th on LineTV.

    The main judge is Art Arya/Araya In-dra; a legend in the Thai drag scene, as well as an enormously respected fashion icon, stylist and designer.

    And the co-host is Pangina Heals; she's often dubbed "Thailand's answer to RuPaul", she's an amazing performer. You wouldn't want to lipsynch against her.
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  19. Amazing! Can't wait! Thanks for the info.
  20. I think this looks fucking great. Please use the Enterprise's universal translator forthwith so I can understand what's being screamed.
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