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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. I thought Annee had it in the bag, but I did grow to like Natalia more with every episode

    Amadiva's pointless elimination is still bothering me, but I loved watching this so much.
  2. I honestly was rooting for Annee, but if there's an All Stars, it has to be for her. She's a phenomenal queen.

    As for Natalia, can we clock that she's the first plus-size contestant to win in the DR universe?
  3. Regardless of feelings this is fucking fierce.

  4. I think the most polished person won, it was close though.

    Look forward to season two!
  5. I WAS GAGGED. The finale was amazing. A little dated in terms of production, but everything else was on point. I thought most of the girls served great looks at the finale runway, especially MORRIGAN. You better get that Fame-ga fantasy on girl.

    I'm glad the person who won did because her performance was the high point of the night so I guess that's justified.

    Now, can we discuss this QUEEN - WHO IS SHE? And why does she look so different on TV than her pictures on Instagram? I'm confused, she sounds, acts and looks much older in real life but in her feed on Instagram she's like a teen?

  6. They're releasing English press materials for the American rollout.

  7. Yeah Pan-pan (solo tour) released tour dates for US I think a week ago. Kinda premature if u asked me since the show hasn't even debuted in the states but WERK those bookings!
  8. I have watched the Dhoom Dhoom lipsync and even if it was a bit shaky due to the props and Natalia (i guess) not knowing her words, i enjoyed it a lot. The judge that shouts "Fight for it" every five seconds needs to chill though.
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  9. The Toxic lip sync was so much fun
  10. I am still angry Amadiva was eliminated and Annee did not win.

    I also don't know why I could not stand Pangina during the show (too much kitsch and kiki I think), but everything after the show I've seen and heard of him, I love.

    How did the contestants survive the show though? I felt exhausted watching the million challenges.
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  11. You said it sis! I did really love p'Natalia "The rich pig, coffin king of Chinatown", but Annee seemed next level from the jump. No idea why Amadiva got such BRUTAL treatment from the Queens/production team. She was my fave.
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  12. I actually kind of hope they do ones for the entire season. That was a nice watch.
  13. ssa


    I mean, definitely, but I wish they'd watch at least the runway before tooting and booting, even just to sound less clueless about the references.

    And even just from a WOWPresents Plus point of view. At least pretend your hosts give a damn about the content instead of having them open the episode with a blunt "the thought of watching the show never even crossed my mind".

    That bothered me a lot.
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  14. I spent an hour on Art's instagram last night. Such an inspiration, what a great life she's led.
    I might actually be more excited about DRT Season 2 than I am about another Drag-Race USA season.
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  15. Just finished episode one! The production values being higher than the first two seasons of Drag Race and Dragula is a gag.

    I know who wins but none of the other placements, which is really exciting.
  16. I really enjoyed it honestly.
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  17. Based on episode one I'm rooting for Dearis Doll, she has a spark for me that the others don't right now. Amadiva and Année have potential for me too. I'm also hoping Jaja sticks around because I appreciate the English nn.
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  18. Help a girl out with where I can watch this.
  19. I've been scrambling on Daily Motion because the original subbed account got deleted, but the first episode is uploaded into five parts by this guy.
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