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Drag Race Thailand

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. The full length lip synchs are everything. Can't wait for the second season of this.
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  2. So I just finished the series and I am STUNNED. This is one of the best seasons of drag race...period. In terms of the quality of the challenges, the runways, the cast, the judges...this is up there with season 5 and 6 level. It's just a shame that most of the people who pretend that seasons 9 and 10 were good seasons of drag race will probably never get to experience this incredible showcase of drag.

    Also, the win was kinda disappointed because I feel like Natalia got a HUGE free pass in the penultimate episode, during which Dearis absolutely should not have been in the bottom 2.

    When Année 'Talent' Maywong didn't win:


    NP was a sweetheart, mind.
  3. How good was their soap opera acting challenge though???
  4. oh bitch OH BITCH, THAT WAS EVERYTHING. I was waving my hanky at my screen by the end.

    Année and Dearis wore me the FUCK out. The looks, the faces, their delivery, their movement...I felt like I was watching an actual soap opera. Bringing back the other queens was a brilliant move too, Jaja was a riot, totally overshadowed B Ella and Natalia (who should've been the bottom 2).

    Drag Race USA found ROTTING.
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  5. It was incredible. Jaja was a total scene stealer, I love her.

    I was sort of rooting for Dearis to win at the end, even though I know she wouldn't. I have to admit I was very surprised that Année didn't win.
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  6. Such a good cast. I was really happy with Natalia or Annee winning.

    What I found a bit shocking was their open animosity towards Amadiva. We were clearly lacking the translated tea.... (she seemed fine about it all, all the same).
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  7. Filming took a long time probably due to securing funding (they were still filming when the fist few episodes began airing) and some people just speculated the other girls just didn't like Amadiva's social media presence/popularity. It was weird.


    I didn't really enjoy B.Ella during this, but I watched a Thai drama with her in it and she was actually funny, so she's grown on me.
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  8. I see I'm late to the party. I stanned Annee but was fine with Natalia's win. I appreciated her old school approach, and her finale performance was the best imo. I'm also obsessed with Art. A queen.
  9. There are some new clips floating around, has the new season started yet, does anyone know?
  10. Started last night I think, or maybe it's tonight.
  11. I don't think the full cast has been announced, but there was a runway featuring all 40 of the auditionees from the casting special.

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  12. Charley

    Charley Moderator

    The queen performing Ariana Grande in the below video is Amsterdam queen Azula.

    I've seen her perform a couple of times and she has such a distinctive look and is a superstar on stage!

  13. This is Angele Anang; one of the more likely contestants.
    Singer, dancer, openly trans, Beyonce impersonator.
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  14. Me after 5 Jägerbombs.
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  15. I forgot how much I crack up watching the juxtaposition of PanPan losing his mind to the queens, while Art sits unbothered and unamused.

  16. I am seeing far more exciting things in these 40 auditionees than in the past 40 RPDR contestants. DRT seems to get the feel right of what drag can be. There also seems much more of the craftsmanship that we used to see back in the earlier seasons of RPDR. Cannot wait (for English subs).
  17. Okay but ya boy needs a subbed link for this casting special. I need that guy who did all of S1 to be down for subbing S2. He was always so on time ddd.

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  19. Is there a list yet for who is expected to be in the cast?
  20. I love this show so much. Also I stan the fuck out of Art. A queen!
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