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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tiger Suit, Jan 14, 2018.

  1. Soon to be legends!


    The drag race wikia has a page for season 2 and about 29 are listed. The 14 finalists will be announced as they enter the werkroom.

    I adore her - her fashion is immaculate, a great judge, and actually feels like a mother to the contestants.
  2. I loved S1 - even if it looked like they were making it up as they went along.
    It's more fun than the US version now.
  3. Miss KudaLakorn came through for the English-speaking hunties once again

  4. The new stage:

    The new workroom:

    The contestants:

    Also, if you haven't watched the episode yet, I would avoid going directly to the show's twitter. They already posted the lip sync and the eliminated girl writing her lip stick message. I spoiled myself by accident ddd.
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  5. From that shopping centre catwalk introduction I knew I would love Srimala. I am so into this season already, subs or no subs.

    The audition episode alone is enough to really separate (and elevate?) this from RPDR. Art's face during the lip sync auditions is me always.
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  6. I just saw the preview audition casting whatever episode and it got me excited.

  7. The Vogue-inspired cover photos and the group shot... this is definitely one of my fave promo collections, all the girls look fantastic.
  8. That lipsync... so good, the second time.
  9. Starting episode 1. I love this cast A LOT. I think there's such a wide range of different talents. I don't think there's anyone so far who I'm confused why they're there.

    Kana breaking the table the moment she sat on it though ddd.
  10. So based on this episode, I think my favourites might be Bandit, Vanda, Kana (Extra as hell, but I enjoy her looks), Katy and Silver (This is based on looks right now, I'm not here for the defeatist attitude).

    But as @Sanctuary said, this cast is so diverse, I'm excited to dive in!
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  11. 'This season is the most inclusive ever'... out of two seasons, sis, not that hard. But props to how open they were to diversity during the casting process. It really is such a good show and the cast is fantastic. The more I watch this, the less I can compare it to RPDR, culturally.

    Angele, Srimala and Kandy are my favourites so far, in and out of drag. Bandit too, I think we can expect more exciting stuff from her.
    I am rooting for Silver. Her first runway look was great, but they just didn't get her second look and she got punished hard. That lipsync (and indeed defeatist attitude) was not the t though. I cringed so hard at all the strutting from left to right, back to front and fidgeting with the boots and top. Vanda seemed so exciting before this, but turned out a bit of a vacuous disappointment. Stranger and Mocha's drag were also complete let downs.
    I really enjoy Tae as a judge. Though I wish we could hear some of the constructive criticism they give the girls.

    Also, Jaja remain such a scene stealer.
  12. The intro is amazing.

    The Super Boys from The Face Thailand, oof, gorgeous.

    I am obsessed with Kana's nose.

    Why is B.Ella competing again?

    I love how Katy Killer could effortlessly look like a pretty girl with some chapstick and mascara but she opts for a crazy clown aesthetic instead.

    Angele is an instant favorite of mine, I love how her mind works and thought she had the runway in the bag so was happy that Art gave her a shout out when he declared her safe.

    Can't wait to see how this season goes, excited for the rest of it.
  13. OHMYGOD the entire episode was soooo good. I've missed Panpan and Art.

    I don't blame the queens for bringing such a shit lip sync to the shittiest version of that song - even during the second chance, they couldn't correct it and play the RIH-MIX version instead? Even Ru hates this rock version.

    The Singaporean Queen and Kandy had me gagged. Good on them for cutting out all of the sponsors from the actual content of the show. Enough of NYX and Line stuff. Watch them try to add this later on.

    And NOT the most inclusive season ever after just two seasons but deciding to use YOU'VE GOT SHEMAIL tag? I ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT.
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  14. There are quite a few who I'm not wowed by yet, and the queen who won the runway looked like shit in both looks so I was gaggedT when they gave her the win.
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  15. VERY THIS. But she does remind me of:

  16. Srimala's already got the girls pressed. She is Ginger Minj and Blair St Clair's lovechild.
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  17. For me, Bandit should've been towards the top; both looks were well put together and standout interpretations of the challenge. I wondered if she was going to be a queen who felt they had to be edgy in every runway, but the younger look was beautiful.

    By all accounts, Silver should be one of my favourites; I love her promo look, she has a great eye for edgier fashion, she can sew, and she's creative. But those nerves... I know the competition can be intimidating for younger queens, but her nerves could rival Farrah.

    Art's fury at the lip synch... I would've been shaking.

    Really? I got more TammieDeLaCreme.
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  18. I think the cast is strong but some fat needs to be trimmed before I can get invested in individuals. Because of their drag being so 'edgy!!' compared to the others, Kana, Genie and Bandit are my standouts so far. Bandit is also hot.

    Vanda serving two ornate, immaculate and cohesive looks and being in the bottom three was bullshit. I hope she can bounce back next episode.
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  19. Ddddd I KNEW Kandy's name sounded familiar.

    For Episode 1, general reactions:

    Miss Gimhuay - I like her. She seems fun and sweet, though I worry she may not be confident throughout the competition.

    Mocha Diva - Her fashion kind of does nothing for me, but I didn't realize she was the queen doing the splits in the audition special to P!nk so hopefully she slays at lip syncing.

    Katy Killer - I hate her makeup so much. She's hilarious, but her aesthetic is not for me.

    Bandit - He is.... a man. I like his idea, but some of the outfits so far aren't clicking. I was meh on her entrance look and the Mad Max look missed the mark.

    Maya B'Haro - Her talking heads made me scream with how shady she is, but her aesthetic in drag feels so aged?

    Kandy Zyanide - I stan, obviously. I thought her runway was one of the bests for both looks. I hope she makes it far.

    Srimala - Why does she remind me of Ben?

    Silver Sonic - Like others have said, I hope she can pick herself back up because I liked her concept despite the judges not getting it.

    M Stranger Fox - That breastplate... ddddddd.

    Genie - I just don't think she has a personality or drag aesthetic fit for reality television.

    Angele Anang - I want her to lip sync just so she can do the same moves from the audition special.

    Tormai - He's actually really cute from his IG photos?? They kinda did him dirty in his talking heads. Her old runway made me SCREAM.

    Vanda Miss Joaquim - She seems super interesting but her behavior was so... odd? Like she was just getting in her head and seemed super disconnected?

    Kana Warrior - I fucking love her ddddd.

    That lip sync was messy, but they always put the girls in a mess making it an English song. I just have the sense the lip syncs will start becoming so much more polished this season.
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