Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

As much as I absolutely adore Ra’Jah, I just don’t think she ‘won’ this season. The editing the whole way through was directed towards a Silky win, and Victoria’s performances in the challenges spoke for themself.

Once again, the finale should not be determined by a lip-sync battle. So tired.
Although it lacked the gag worthy moments of UK v the World, it was a better season with solid performances from those queens. Icesis should’ve make it to the end, but I cannot be angry at a Ra’jah and Silky top 2 and the former winning (even though I felt Silky did better in the season overall). Colour me interested in what’s coming up.

And I agree about the Lemon v Rita lip sync. Lemon did what she could, but Rita got the essence of the song which plays out better the way she performed it.
Do we know when Season 4 is airing for this yet?

As Down Under's new season has just been announced and I know they aired at similar times last year with Canada maybe starting just before.