Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

Hasn't it essentially come out that West End work was drying up for Ella and they only got into drag to make money, rather than actually having an interest in it?
Krystal may look leagues above the other winners, but they are better than her in pretty much all aspects that Drag Race tests aside from maybe lip syncing. She is the definition of a looks queen and little else to back it up.
Can't agree with any of this. The only challenge Krystal really bombed was the reading mini-challenge which came across as mean rather than a read and snatch game which is difficult to play a character who is already someone else's character and make it your own.
Literally none of the other winners could have competed with American winners and held their own. I think The Vivienne is the most all around talented winner of the UK series.
I disagree. Viv did amazingly well but some of those US winners were far from the best. However, out of the UK the only winners who could genuinely compete on a worldwide scale would be Viv and Krystal.

And Tayce.
I agree with @Holly Something and @Vasilios. I think The Vivienne gave Jinkx a run for her money in some of those comedy challenges, and that's really saying something. Then again, Krystal is so polished, she could definitely match the best American queens have to offer. She wouldn't embarrass the UK, for sure.

In a future All Stars UK, I'd love to see Bimini and Tayce again. Pay them what it takes, get them on the show again.
It's not about being American Drag. UK drag is hugely different to American Drag. UK drag is far less polished and more humour based. Which is why many worldwide queens WANT to compete in the UK because our humour is so vastly different but is so very drag.

I've hardly watched any seasons of Drag Race and could name very few US Queens. The comparison is that the UK queens above could compete on a worldwide stage. And only a few UK queens could.