Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

That felt like one of the worst Drag Race episodes in a long time. The Snatch Game needs to go on hiatus or get a serious mix up soon because that was dreadful. Not one Queen made me laugh and Ru, Jane and Senita were visibly uncomfortable. I like Tia but the narrative is being pushed a bit too much, she’s gone from poor to very good but not incredible. I feel like they are throwing LGD under the bus and I hope she has a return to the top very soon because she would be a fantastic winner.

Gothy, my dear god, that walk through. I had to skip it. I felt so bad for her and then by the time it came to the save me chats, I wanted her booted. She’s a pretty look (ish) insta queen and it ends there. Bringing her back feels cruel and she has nothing to gain from being on the show. Dare I say it, even Jonbers would have brought some energy to the Snatch Game at least.
Getting rid of a front runner or a stronger competitor may be a smart move from a strategy standpoint but it’s absolutely dreadful as a viewer. This wasn’t even a Naomi making good TV sending Manila home. This was just dumb. Gothy is an absolute useless competitor, hasn’t offered one thing worth keeping her, and that was a stupid ass decision.

LGD and Marina continue to slay that Runway.
LGD seemed funnier to me than the edit (and the judge’s responses and limited references…) suggest.
I think Snatch Game shouldn't be part of international seasons. It's not a level playing field in terms of language and cultural references.

I've taught English as a foreign language. You can do a lot with English from learning just a little bit of it. So, it's easy to appear fluent. If I was doing Snatch Game in German, I would crumble. Anyone doing Snatch Game in a second or third language deserves respect.
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I'm enjoying the queens individually (I'm looking forward to eventually watching the international queens's original seasons) but something about this season feels quite.... mid. I don't know how to explain it, maybe watching it in parallel with US16 gives me a bit of fatigue.

In terms of television I'm always looking forward to Marina's confessions but I'm missing the moments between the queens together, that doesn't make for good TV.

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Once the challenges start playing to her strengths I'm confident she will become a clear frontrunner. Literally the main note she got in her season was that she needed to glow up, and she has done that.
As i was saying...

Anyway the reason this specific snatch game variant doesn't work is because they don't have as much flexibility in editing. Rather than four questions everyone answers and they can edit around the less impactful answers, each queen only gets two questions and we have to hear everything. All the dead air gets a lot heavier.
The runway was good at least..

Gothy during the run through made me physically uncomfortable. I had to skip forward.

Tia not keeping someone who has a greater than 0% chance of winning a challenge is foolish.

I hate Choriza May.