Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

In terms of television I'm always looking forward to Manila's confessions
An absolutely awful and painful Snatch Game. I wish Scarlet's Snatch Game was a bit stronger, because it had so much potential.

I also hated Tia's lipsync and would have given the win to Hannah.

Tia saving Gothy is inexplicable. Gothy all but begged them to put her out of her misery, while Keta is still passionate about competing and is very evidently the more accomplished performer. What a joke.
I love Scarlet Envy and felt she left too early on her original season and all stars. Great confessionals, wonderful personality, plays the game, but she goes between a place of really good and great.

With just a tad more (started off great but plateaued) on that snatch game and she could have been top two.
This snatch game was just as mediocre as the season 16 one. Hannah and Scarlet were the best here with Tia being a distant third. I did laugh at Dame and Choriza a few times but not enough to justify higher placings than safe. I think the reason why was mediocre was a combination of the format of this snatch game and the fact a number of these queens just aren’t good at improv. The runway was actually pretty good.

The lip sync was funny but not an amazing one by any means and that song deserves two queens who are better at lip syncing. I also think they’re starting to push a narrative around Tia being so improved since her season, which is obviously true, but felt forced here.

I’m intrigued to hear more from Tia about her reasons for sending Keta home. Two bottoms and a win is surely better than Gothy’s two bottoms and a collection of safes? She’s obviously picked her for strategic reasons, even if I do think Keta would’ve gone before the finale anyway. It’s a shame as Keta is better than what she got the opportunity to show here and I’m sure a Rusical would be more up street .
I can see the producers are trying to gaslight us into thinking Tia has had an amazing glow up, her runway was one of the worst but the praise it got was delusional.

I also agree with comments on here regarding Snatch Game being very difficult if English is not your first language. The whole thing felt very uncomfortable and stiff and not enjoyable television.
He / Him
Snatch game needs to be retired rather than reworked if you ask me. It offers no laughs more often than not.

The twisted part of me would love Gothy to be dragged all the way to the final with the other Queens eliminated against her as a sure fire winning strategy for said final. I’m sure someone will have a jolt of conscience next week though and get her out of there based on track record or whatever.