Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

My theory is they liked the idea of a Tia redemption/from baroness basic to winner arc (similar to Raja on Canada Vs the World).

As others have said I think they'll invite Marina and LGD on to an All Stars season. For most of us, this is our introduction to those queens and most of us want to see more, whereas with Tia, because UK is more widely watched we're all familiar with her. I love Tia but I'm not sure I necessarily need to see her on another season so this felt like a great/fitting end for her. Marina and LGD? I'm dying to see more and I'm sure most fans are the same. I think the producers will be tuned into this.
I loved this season and I'd have been happy to see any of the final four win. I am now going to reactivate my long-dormant WOW Plus subscription to see LGD and Marina's original seasons. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Even those of us who didn't like the season, or the result, might also be happy to see the UK franchise FINALLY crowning a queen of colour. Let's celebrate that a bit.
I’d just like to point out that the “if you don’t like something, don’t watch it” is never the case on this forum, especially for Drag Race franchises. It’s been years since main threads regarding the show are full of criticism and complaints, so it does sound a bit hypocritical and overprotective that in this one case the franchise should be immune to complaints. If that was the case a lot of you wouldn’t even bother going to threads of artists you don’t enjoy to criticize and, honestly, that’s not the case.

I am happy for Tia, the only annoying thing is when these seasons feel like they began with the winner already decided, and it feels like it was the case here, at least to me. Saying other contestants should be satisfied with the exposure doesn’t sound fair. I also enjoyed Tia more during Season 2. She’s an icon though.
Hannah won that hands down for me. She is just a very good lipsyncer and embodied both songs perfectly.

Tia is very endearing and charming, and that roast last week was absolutely sensational, but this wasn't a deserved win overall.
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VERY this. Hannah embodied Anastacia from the moment she put on those shades and had the microphone, it was hard to not look at her, like we were watching the real thing, a real lip sync. It's not all about snapping your neck and bending backwards on the stage...
Having watched twice now...

I agree. In that particular lipsync Hannah definitely won.

But I also don't think Tia won against LGD even with Tia's 'comedy performance.'

....and Tia still had a cameo from LGD in Your Disco Needs You to make her 'performance' interesting so...
Just going to say - never likes lip syncing. I saw the Fabulous Lipsinka live years ago and its always felt like nothing in comparison. Saw Baga tonight, (had no idea she was due on) at a bar in Manchester and it really struck me how quickly the queens become fucked if they are not up in the mix in the franchise.