Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

That’s not true - Tia deserved recognition for her hard work, Blu did not.

Taking aside the names, why would anyone not deserve recognition for their hard work?

Honestly, as much as people don’t like to admit it, there’s little difference here. Neither was (deemed by the fans to be) the very best queen of the season, but both did ‘well enough’ to ‘very well‘ each week, never really flubbing. The difference is that Blu took out her competition herself, while Tia’s main competition was erased too…. just not by her.
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A Tia and Hannah win for have been delicious (and a good way of boosting up numbers for the next All Winners All Stars)
They/them, he/him
Blu can be so salty on Insta. Very defensive. Like girl, just don't bother.

I can kind of see why Blu might be defensive, considering every gay and straight girl seems to have an opinion of who should win Drag Race- and it’s never her. For good reason.

That said, maybe she would have more fans if she was not aggressively beige and unoriginal?
Just binged this, love the top four! I want to wake* everyday next to LGD, party and kiki with Tia, travel with Hannah, and work/slay the world with Marina.

Also very happy with the Tia win! hope we get to see LGD and Marina in an All Stars.

*And see her dress, undress and get to be dressed by her, F A S H I O N!
Has anyone seen clips of the tour tonight? Shocking that there’s no budget this time around with no set, visuals or proper stage lighting. The queens deserve better.