Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

Great another season of enduring Rupaul pretending Baga Chipz is remotely funny and charming lets be having it.

I couldn’t tell if Baga was attempting humour or she really does think she’s “tabloid famous”. Either way her VT was horrible.

The whole MTQ was a bit crusty tbh, BUT it is a great cast (Baga aside).
Thinking out loud here, but because the show is on the BBC and part of the UK franchise, would mean that there’s no 100,000 doolas cash prize?
All Stars 1 vibes

Absolutely. The styling and editing of Baga's Meet the Queens video (the first one available on Instagram) is appalling.

I imagined this being an elevated version of All Stars, but clearly I should have guessed that a BBC3 spin-off wouldn't have the highest budget.