Drag Race UK vs. The World (S2)

I like Cheryl but what has she done to stand out from any other queen talent wise?
Standing out doesn't determine your level of talent. If you don't like her you don't like her but she's not talentless.

Also citing Bianca Del Rio as the example of talent when she basically tells one joke over and over is funny to me.


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Cheryl relying on being basic again doesn’t fill me with confidence, but I’m here for her being the Jujubee of the UK series.
During an Instagram live that same day, Mo shared why she opted to compete under a new name.

She told fans: “The reason I changed my name [is] because I’m growing as an artist, right? And I believe that artists should always evolve and grow and I just felt like, I as an individual just want to give more heart, more love, more everything and just for branding, it just makes sense to be just ‘Mo’. I also feel that my artistry is evolving into more of a gender-fluid kind of non-binary, like I’ve been working out a lot, you know what I mean. For a long time I wanted to stay thin and petite and soft and frail because I wanted to give very, y’know, woman! Now, honey, you know, I’ve just, especially since the pandam girl and I got to go to the gym every damn day, girl. I’m getting body, girl. This body, girl. The shoulders, the chest, the abs, the chesticles, girl. Girl, I’m just trying to be rough trade, you know?”



Description for the first episode is out. Love it that it's 1h13m long.

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Yeh, I’m sure the original three UK girls were to be Divina, Baga and Cheryl, so that would mean Blu was the alternate when Divina declined.