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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SunshineConcubine, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Has anybody been watching this on Channel 4?

    The show shares more DNA with the feel-good TV of Queer Eye than Drag Race's high-stakes pageantry but the Family Gorgeous are endlessly charming, and seeing a gaggle of northern queens teetering about Dover high street in the early afternoon trying to recruit locals, or wrangling pigs on a farm outside Ipswich is great fun.
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  2. Poppy Love is an ICON in and out of drag. This stone cold bish was bawling her eyes out!
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  3. Been loving it so far, although I haven't caught this week's episode yet. Episode one nearly had me in floods of tears.

    Not sure what their contract with Channel 4 is like, but I'm going to need some of these girls on Drag Race UK ASAP.

    Liquorice Black and Lill are my faves.
  4. Locked tight contract with Channel 4 at the moment so no Drag Race for these girls yet!

    Cheddar is a legend, she is like Sasha Velour’s type of drag done right!
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  5. Cheddar is great, but ... Sasha Velour is Sasha Velour’s drag done right.
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  6. Yeah I've caught up with all 3 episodes so far. All 3 episodes have been strong and it was good to include a guy who clearly was struggling with embracing his feminine side. Although David/Crystal on this week's one was the best so far!
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  7. I went to the Royal Vauxhall tavern on Saturday and seen Cheddar for the first time who was hosting there and she was iconic. Gonna give this show a go later tonight just to watch her.
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  8. Cha Cha Boudoir that they used to run in Manchester was always drag perfection. I need to give this series a go.
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  9. Yeah I kinda cried when no-one from Alison's family turned up.
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